Cloud Object Storage Plugfest

Cloud Plugfest

The Cloud Object Storage Plugfest will be held September 16-18, 2024, co-located at the SNIA Developer Conference (SDC) in Santa Clara, California.

We have we hit a plateau in terms of compatibility among cloud object storage solutions and incompatibilities are costing our customers. There are no open forums to assist with multi-vendor testing – until now!

This Cloud Object Storage Plugfest represents an opportunity for industry innovators to collaborate and enhance interoperability among private and public cloud object storage solutions. If your organization is developing S3-compatible object storage or develops software that utilizes object storage in any use case, your participation would be invaluable.

The goal of the plugfest is to create a space where everyone can come together, test their tech, find problems, and fix them. SNIA takes care of the space and tools needed, while the people participating in the plugfest plan out the tests to make sure everything goes smoothly. Everyone agrees to keep things secret under (NDA).

You don't need to have a finished product to join in. Even if you think you're not ready, it's still a great idea to come, test your work, ask questions, and talk with others.

How Your Company Can Participate

If your company wants to participate in the Cloud Object Storage Plugfest, the main company-authorized person from your team needs to fill out the Cloud Object Plugfest Company Registration Form. It costs $895 for each person to be part of the plugfest. That price lets you go to all the SNIA Developer Conference talks and includes meals too. But this special price is only for those who are involved in the plugfest.  If any of your developers are already going to the conference because they're speaking or their spot is paid for by a sponsor, they don't have to pay to participate in the plugfest, but they still need to fill out the registration form.

After the main person from your company fills out the online form, we'll send them a code. This code allows all the developers from your company that will be participating in the Plugfest to sign up for the conference at the discounted Plugfest price.


A platform test bench consists of a six-foot table work area, a standard 110 volt 15-amp power drop and network connection.  For special power requirements please contact us for additional costs.

Additional Resources

If you have any additional questions, please email