Daniel Chadash

Sr. Director of Product Mgmnt. & Business Development
Twist Bioscience

Daniel Chadash is Sr. Director of Product Mgmnt. & Business Development for DNA Data Storage at Twist Bioscience. He leads the commercial side of Twist’s DNA Data Storage product, including the product aspects and business development, and has created a true end-to-end digital DNA e-commerce system to allow Twist to scale its business. Daniel was the VP Product of Genome Compiler before it was acquired by Twist Bioscience in 2016.

Daniel is one of the founders of the DNA Data Storage Alliance which was launched in 2020 to accelerate the adoption and awareness of DNA as a storage medium. He also co-founded Genome Compiler in order to democratize synthetic biology, and to enable scientists to focus on real science by giving them innovative software tools.

DNA lacks many key attributes found in other traditional storage media types including locality and addressability. The Rosetta Stone workgroup…

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