Jai Menon

Chief Scientist

Jai joined Fungible after serving as CTO for multi-billion dollar Systems businesses (Servers, Storage, Networking) at both IBM and Dell. He was an IBM Fellow, IBM’s highest technical honor, and one of the early pioneers who helped create the RAID technology. He also led the team that created the industry’s first, and still the most successful, storage virtualization product and his team at IBM also built one of the fastest and earliest parallel file systems in the world. When he left IBM, Jai was CTO for the $20B IBM Systems Group, responsible for guiding 15,000 developers. In 2012, he joined Dell as VP and CTO for Dell Enterprise Solutions Group. In 2013, he became Head of Research and Chief Research Officer for Dell. In 2016, Jai joined Cloudistics as Chief Scientist and in 2019 Jai joined Fungible as Chief Scientist. Jai earned a Doctorate from Ohio State University, holds 53 patents and has published 82 papers and is a recipient of the IEEE Wallace McDowell Award and the IEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Systems Award

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