Jeremy Allison

CIQ / Samba Team.

Jeremy Allison is one of the lead developers on the Samba Team, a group of programmers developing an Open Source Windows compatible file and authentication server product for UNIX systems. Samba implements the SMB 1/2/3 protocols, which are a de-facto standard curated by Microsoft for sharing files on a network. SMB is widely implemented by many companies in the storage industry. Developed over the Internet in a distributed manner similar to the Linux system, Samba is used by all Linux distributions as well as many thousands of corporations worldwide. Jeremy handles the co-ordination of Samba development efforts and acts as a corporate liaison to companies using the Samba code commercially. Jeremy is the co-creator of the Samba project. He works for CIQ in their Open Source Programs Office. CIQ funds him to work full-time on improving Samba and solving the problems of Windows and Linux interoperability.

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