Kapil Karkra

Principal Engineer, Storage Software Architecture
Intel Corporation

Kapil Karkra is the Lead Software Architect in XMG's Storage Software team responsible for the architecture of host-based FTL, Virtual RAID on CPU (VROC), Volume Management Device (VMD), NVMe, and Caching Acceleration Software (CAS) drivers. He also leads host software pathfinding activities. Kapil represents Intel in NVMe and SNIA Technical Working Groups. He drove several Technical Proposals into the NVMe and PCIe Standards including the proposal for NVMe Multiple Atomicity and PCIe Enclosure Management (NPEM) in the PCIe base specification. His current focus is around improving NAND SSD write amplification through software approaches and utilizing the benefits of Optane technologies in mixed media architectures. Kapil has spent his entire career advancing storage architectures (e.g., RAID, caching, FTLs, and storage interfaces) at companies like IBM and Intel. He has over 20 years of storage experience. Kapil holds over 20 patents, a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT) in India, and an MBA from Arizona State University. Outside work, Kapil dabbles in improvisational theater, speaking, and writing. He lives in Chandler, AZ with his wife and two daughters, ages 15 and nine.

At SNIA SDC 2022, we introduced Cloud Storage Acceleration Layer (CSAL), a host based FTL deployed at scale at Alibaba,…

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