Orit Wasserman

Distinguished Engineer

Orit is a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, formerly at Red Hat, specializing in Software Defined Storage (Ceph), storage for containerized applications (OpenShift Data Foundation), and hybrid/multi-cloud environments. With a strong background as a software engineer and architect, Orit's passion lies in open-source technologies and infrastructure. Throughout her career, she has extensively worked with distributed systems and storage solutions. Orit's journey at Red Hat began with her deep involvement in Ceph object storage (Ceph Rados Gateway), a highly available distributed software-defined storage solution designed to scale and handle petabytes of data. Her expertise also extends to her role as a principal architect at Lightbits Labs, a software-defined storage startup focused on NVMe/TCP development. In addition to her contributions to storage technology, Orit has made significant advancements in virtualization. She co-maintained and developed live migration for KVM/QEMU, and during her tenure at IBM Research Labs, she played a key role in developing nested virtualization for KVM. With her diverse expertise in software-defined storage, distributed systems, and virtualization, Orit brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as a distinguished engineer. She continues to drive innovation and shape the future of storage technologies in the dynamic landscape of open-source and hybrid/multi-cloud environments.

Join us for a technical deep dive into open-source storage technology and its practical application with Ceph and its new…

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