Qing Zheng

Los Alamos National Lab

Qing Zheng is a Scientist in Los Alamos National Lab's High-Performance Computing Division and a member of the Lab's Ultrascale System Research Center. Qing performs I/O and storage research that guides the Lab's future computing platform and storage infrastructure designs. Qing received his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 2021. Qing is known for his expertise in distributed filesystem metadata and large-scale scientific data analytics. Qing's work has been exhibited at local science museums, reported by national media, and recognized with multiple R&D 100 and Supercomputing Best Paper Awards. Qing has created DeltaFS and IndexFS, and is also the co-founder of Intel's Cloud Object Storage Benchmark software COSBench, now a de-facto standard when it comes to object storage benchmarking.

Rapidly increasing data sizes, the high cost of data movement, and the advent of fast, NVMe-over-fabric based flash enclosures have…

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