Rino Micheloni


Dr. Rino Micheloni is the Chief Operating Officer at DNAalgo. Before that, he was Vice-President and Fellow at Microsemi/Microchip Corporation, where he established the Flash Signal Processing Labs in Milan, Italy, with special focus on NAND Flash technology characterization, Machine Learning techniques for improving memory reliability, and Error Correction Codes. Prior to joining Microsemi, he was Fellow at PMC-Sierra, working on NAND Flash technology characterization, LDPC, and NAND Signal Processing as part of the team developing Flash controllers for PCIe SSDs. Before that, he was with IDT (Integrated Device Technology) as Lead Flash Technologist, driving the architecture and design of the BCH engine in the world’s first PCIe NVMe SSD controller. Early in his career, he led NAND design teams at STMicroelectronics, Hynix, and Infineon; during this time, he developed the industry’s first MLC NOR device with embedded ECC technology and the industry’s first MLC NAND with embedded BCH. Dr. Micheloni is IEEE Senior Member, he has co-authored 100+ publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences, and he holds 296 patents worldwide (including 140 US patents). He received the STMicroelectronics Exceptional Patent Award in 2003 and 2004, the Infineon IP Award in 2007, and he was elected to the PMC-Sierra Inventor Wall of Fame in 2013. In 2020 Dr. Micheloni was selected for the European Inventor Award. Dr. Micheloni has published the following books: Machine Learning and Non-volatile Memories (Springer, 2022), Flash Memory Devices (MDPI, 2022), 3D Flash Memories (Chinese edition by Tsinghua University Press, 2020), Inside Solid State Drives – 2nd edition – (Springer, 2018), Solid-State-Drives (SSDs) Modeling (Springer, 2017), 3D Flash Memories (Springer, 2016), Inside Solid State Drives (Springer, 2013), Inside NAND Flash Memories (Springer, 2010), Error Correction Codes for Non-Volatile Memories (Springer, 2008), Memories in Wireless Systems (Springer, 2008), VLSI-Design of Non-Volatile Memories (Springer, 2005), and Memorie in Sistemi Wireless (Franco Angeli, 2005).

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