Standardizing Computational Storage


Computational Storage standards are under active development at both SNIA and NVMe. The CS TWG in SNIA continues to work on enhancements to the Architecture and Programming Model after the successful release of the 1.0 revision of the standard in August 2022. The CS TWG also continues to refine the CS API, which was released for public review in July 2022, to ensure alignment and compatibility with NVMe. Many of the same companies are engaged with the SNIA CS work and the NVMe CS work and strive to ensure compatibility and cohesion between the SNIA and NVMe CS standards. This presentation will discuss the current state of the SNIA CS Architecture and Programming Model, the current state of the CS API, and explain how these standards align with and support the NVMe CS efforts. Part of the discussion will include a lexicon of terminology from both standards and a decoder ring to translate between the slightly different terminology utilized between the two standards organizations.

Jason Molgaard
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