Sustainability Opportunities for Cloud Storage


As Cloud industry gears up towards attacking Climate Change – identifying the sources of carbon and other associated impacts is a needed first step to device a plan of action to further sustainability improvements. The cloud storage market is expected to exceed $390B by 2028; hence a key area of focus to reduce Data Center Climate Impact. As a leading force in the cloud solution sector, we recognize the environmental implications. It is our commitment to use this knowledge not just to acknowledge the challenge, but to forge innovative solutions and strategies to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize sustainable practices. In our journey towards a sustainable future, we believe that data center storage can be a part of the solution. The focus of this presentation is to highlight the biggest influencers for cloud Storage Sustainability and delve into the storage building blocks and component areas that are the key contributors to cloud storage carbon footprint. The presentation will spotlight areas for industry to focus on to make a positive impact on sustainability from a Microsoft’s perspective.

Shruti Sethi
Microsoft Azure
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