Open Programmable (OPI) Project’s DPU/IPU Related Demos of our PoC and Lab Efforts


The Open Programmable Infrastructure (or OPI) is an open-source effort within the Linux Foundation to develop a standard API for utilizing SmartNICs, DPUs and IPUs, and other coprocessors or processing elements. It will allow users to provision and orchestrate all devices in the same way, thus allowing them to handle many different devices, implement new devices, and change or replace devices without learning a new command structure. It will also allow manufacturers to create a standard API, deliver new or upgraded devices faster, and benefit from a large ecosystem. It makes learning curves for new devices shorter and implementation or software errors easier to find. It opens new markets for devices and eliminates concerns over one-of-a-kind implementations. One of the ways we have made progress in this open source project is to create a PoC/Developer reference stack to demonstrate the common set of frameworks we have defined for interacting with DPU and IPU infrastructure. This session will use demos to explore the reference implementations of our Cloud Networking API, IPSec, storage and regression testing efforts being developed by the OPI community. This session will also explore the Lab infrastructure being used and developed by OPI to test and showcase the benefits OPI brings to this new class of devices.

Dan Daly
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