Andy Banta

Storage Janitor
Magnition IO

Andy has over 30 years of experience in high-tech industry giants. He worked on development teams at SCO, Sun Microsystems, VMware and NetApp-SolidFIre producing primarily storage and networking products. Andy is known for promoting simplicity and economy and has presented at numerous conferences, technology events and podcasts. Outside of high tech, Andy is involved in auto racing, auto restoration and hiking. His interests include travel, wines and food.

New technologies and platforms have laid waste to the assumptions of fixed-size, monolithic memory. Multiple layers of CXL-attached memory and…

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Modern memory, storage and content delivery systems are built out of myriad components that provide a dizzying set of parameters…

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Building on Optimizing Complex Hierarchical Memory Systems through Simulation from SDC 2023, this talk details recent work to optimize caching…

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