Dan Helmick

Sr Architect

Dan Helmick, PhD is a Senior Architect focusing on future generation NVMe SSDs for Samsung Semiconductor. Dan attended Carnegie Mellon University for Control Systems in HDDs, and he extended this into a career through various HDD and SSD storage vendors. Dan has more than 30 patents and patent applications on diverse topics such as orchestrated Data Center data recovery, Storage and Memory interfaces, Performance drive architectures, NVMe features like ZNS, NAND and SCM media handling, and HDD Control Systems. Dan continues to engage in architectural reviews of standardized features in NVMe and other interfaces while he prepares for their integration into Samsung’s market leading SSDs.

TP4159 PCIe Infrastructure for Live Migration is an upcoming NVM Express® (NVMe) feature. The over-arching flow of Live Migration as…

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Flexible Data Placement (FDP) is a new NVM Express® (NVMe) feature that advertises the ability to achieve Write Amplification Factor…

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