Breaking Boundaries: Expanding Ceph's Capabilities with NVMe-oF


Join us for a technical deep dive into open-source storage technology and its practical application with Ceph and its new SPDK-based NVMe-oF target. This session aims to explore an exciting advancement that brings together Ceph, an open-source software-defined storage system, and industry-standard protocols, focusing on NVMe-over-Fabrics (NVMe-oF). NVMe-oF is a widely adopted, high-performance storage access protocol that provides users seamless access to Ceph clusters, opening up new possibilities for efficient data storage and retrieval. During this session, we will delve into the architectural decisions behind the integration with SPDK and discuss the reasons for choosing SPDK as the foundation for our NVMe-oF target. Furthermore, we will address the implementation challenges we encountered while developing the NVMe-oF target, emphasizing the critical considerations for achieving high availability, exceptional performance, and scalability. By sharing our experiences, we aim to provide valuable insights into the practical aspects of deploying an NVMe-oF target within a Ceph ecosystem. But that's not all! In addition to discussing the technology, we will demonstrate the NVMe-oF target in action. Witness firsthand the enhanced storage capabilities it brings to data centers and cloud environments, and envision how it can empower your storage development projects. Join us at SDC for this informative session, where we will highlight the importance of open-source collaboration and the value of aligning storage technologies with industry-standard protocols. Expand your technical knowledge and discover the immense potential at the intersection of Ceph and NVMe-oF.

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