An Introduction to the IEEE Security in Storage Working Group


The IEEE Security In Storage Work Group (SISWG) produces standards that many storage developers, storage vendors, and storage system operators care about, including: a) A family of standards on sanitization: the IEEE 2883 family b) A family of standards on encryption methods for storage components: the IEEE 1619 family c) A standard on Discovery, Authentication, and Authentication in Host Attachments of Storage Devices: the IEEE 1667 specification IEEE has a different work group (IEEE P3172) focusing on post-quantum cryptography, but when they are done, a family method that recommends new quantum encryption for various storage types (e.g., block, stream) may be appropriate for SISWG’s IEEE 1619 family. IEEE has a different work group focusing on Zero Trust Security (ZTS, IEEE P2887), however an application of those principles for storage devices and systems is also within the purview of the IEEE SISWG.

Paul Suhler
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