Versity Gateway, an Open Source High Performance Object to File Translation Tool


Gary Grider will kick off the talk with a brief background of the challenges currently faced in mass storage systems, and why it is so difficult for modern S3 based workloads to utilize them. Ben McClelland, who architected the system and did the bulk of the development, will introduce the Versity Gateway, an open-source high-performance object-to-file translation tool. He will explain that the Versity Gateway was written from scratch in Go, highlighting the benefits of this choice. Ben will delve into the architectural blueprint of the Versity Gateway, emphasizing the decisions made for a scale-out architecture and the performance enhancements achieved through careful design. He will discuss the modular nature of the system, allowing for the addition of multiple backends to support different storage technologies. Throughout the talk, Ben will share insights into the design principles and technical considerations that went into building the Versity Gateway. He will also present a relevant use case, demonstrating how the system effectively addresses the challenges faced by modern S3-based workloads in mass storage systems.

Ben McClelland
Versity Software, Inc.
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