Approximate DNA Storage with High Robustness and Density for Images


Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) as a storage medium with high density and long-term preservation properties can satisfy the requirement of archival storage for rapidly increased digital volume. The read and write processes of DNA storage are error-prone. Images widely used in social media have the properties of fault tolerance which are well fitted to the DNA storage. However, prior work simply investigated the feasibility of DNA storage storing different types of data and simply store images in DNA storage, which did not fully investigate the fault-tolerant potential of images in DNA storage systems. In this talk, we introduce new image-based DNA systems, which can efficiently store images in DNA storage with improved DNA storage robustness and density. First, a new DNA architecture is proposed to fit JPEG-based images and improve the image's robustness in DNA storage. Moreover, barriers inserted in DNA sequences efficiently prevent error propagation in images of DNA storage. Also, to improve the overall encoding density, a hybrid lossy and lossless encoding scheme is used. Finally, the experimental results indicate that the proposed schemes achieve higher robustness to the injected errors than other DNA storage codes. Also, the schemes improve the encoding density of DNA storage and make it much close to the ideal case.

Bingzhe Li
University of Texas at Dallas
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