Long Term Preservation and Archive Storage


The long-term retention and backup requirements of many organizations continue to grow as their data estate grows. The long-term preservation market provides an opportunity for a higher durability service to store copies of high value digital assets in as many places, with as many types of media as possible, to eliminate the chance of data loss. The ability to store large volumes of such “long-term preservation” data, largely depends on enabling storage technologies that are lowest cost than any storage technology that exists today, such that cost to store data is near zero. The industry has been investing in several new technologies and we wanted to bring forth Project Silica which is one such technology that addresses the market need for long-term preservation. Project Silica is an optical storage technology with WORM media, that enables low cost, is EMF-Proof, durable for decades, is sustainable, provides true airgap and low power consumption. We are looking for collaboration with industry partners to bring this technology to fruition.

Shashidhar Joshi
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