Zones and The Art of Log Structured Storage


In recent years, zoned storage has become pervasive across the storage software ecosystem, including file systems, cloud storage, and end-to-end application integrations. Zoned storage overcomes the drawbacks of write amplification by enabling the host to collaborate with the storage device when submitting writes. The ecosystem seamlessly integrates support for shingled magnetic drives (SMR HDDs), SSDs with Zoned Namespaces (ZNS SSDs), and UFS-enabled mobile devices through a single storage abstraction. It furthermore offers the ability to enable the use of QLC media in write-heavy workloads and reduces cost by eliminating the media over-provisioning.

This presentation highlights the integration of zoned storage in the cloud-native storage stack, from libraries to file systems, cloud storage and databases.  Attendees will gain insights into the innovative combination of zoned storage and log-structured writes and understand how zoned storage integration addresses the challenges of modern storage workloads. Furthermore, the tight integration with the Kubernetes cloud orchestration platform is presented and made comprehensible in a showcase.

Hans Holmberg
Western Digital Corporation
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