Host Workloads Achieving WAF==1 in an FDP SSD


Flexible Data Placement (FDP) is a new NVM Express® (NVMe) feature that advertises the ability to achieve Write Amplification Factor (WAF) of 1. This presentation will describe what a WAF of 1 means for an SSD. Several example workloads achieving a WAF of 1 will be discussed. Additionally, some Hosts have an increased ability to restrict either the deallocate behavior or the write behavior of their various workloads. For this reason, a review of different Host side rule implementations will be discussed. Illustrated NAND activity will be described enabling an attendee to extrapolate to other workloads. From simple circular FIFOs to large region deallocations to probabilistic overwrites, this presentation will cover many FDP use-cases with recommended write and deallocate guidelines for Hosts.

Dan Helmick
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