Optimizing complex hierarchical memory systems through simulations


Modern memory, storage and content delivery systems are built out of myriad components that provide a dizzying set of parameters used to optimize their cost or performance. By modularly simulating the components into building blocks, we show how you can quickly try many different sets of configurations. This modularity also allows plugging in alternative or proprietary components to measure their impact on the overall system cost and performance. These simulations can be built in days or weeks, instead of the months to years needed to build and test live systems.

This session takes a real-world configuration and steps through the process of simulating it. We demonstrate how modular components are swapped and the simulated performance of different variations. We share our real-world experience in how full-system experimentation can be done better, cheaper and faster using simulations. This includes a recent success story that resulted in discovering alternative configurations with double-digit gains.

You won't want to miss this session.

Andy Banta
Magnition IO
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