2015 Storage Developer Conference Presentations


Using CDMI to Manage Swift, S3, and Ceph Object RepositoriesDavid Slik Download Unistore: A Unified Storage Architecture for Cloud ComputingYong Chen Download The Developer's Dilemma: Do-It-Yourself Storage or Surrender Your Data?Luke Behnke Download*
How to Test CDMI Extension Feature Like LTFS, Data Deduplication, and OVF, Partial – Value Copy Functionality: Challenges, Solutions and Best Practice?Sachin Goswami Download    





Cloud and Files
Big Data Analytics on Object Stoage - Hadoop Over Ceph Object Storage with SSD CacheYuan Zhou Download GlusterFS - The Thrilla in ManilaRamnath Sai Sagar
Sean Murphy





Cloud and Interop
What You Need to Know on Cloud StorageDavid Slik
Mark Carlson
Using REST API for Management IntegrationBrian Mason Download Windows Interoperability WorkshopChristopher Hertel Download





Data Center Infrastructure
Next Generation Data Centers: Hyperconverged Architectures Impact On StorageMark OConnell Download PCI Express: Driving the Future of StorageRamin Neshati Download Next Generation Low Latency Storage Area NetworksRupin Mohan Download
The Pros and Cons of Developing Erasure Coding and Replication Instead of Traditional RAID in Next-Generation Storage PlatformsAbhijith Shenoy Download    





The Lightning Memory–Mapped DatabaseHoward Chu Download* The Bw-Tree Key-Value Store and Its Applications to Server/Cloud Data Management in ProductionSudipta Sengupta Download IMDB NDP AdvancesGil Russell Download





Taxonomy of Differential CompressionLiwei Ren Download Design Decisions and Repercussions of Compression and Data Reduction in a Storage ArrayChris Golden Download  





Distributed Systems
DAOS – An Architecture for Extreme Scale StorageEric Barton Download New Consistent Hashing Algorithms for Data StorageJason Resch Download Beyond Consistent Hashing and TCP: Vastly Scalable Load Balanced Storage ClusteringAlex Aizman
Caitlin Bestler
Real World Use Cases for Tachyon, a Memory-Centric Distributed Storage SystemHaoyuan Li Download Where Moore's Law Meets the Speed of Light: Optimizing Exabyte-Scale Network ProtocolsYogesh Vedpathak Download  





Implications of Emerging Storage Technologies on Massive Scale Simulation Based Visual EffectsYahya H. Mirza Pending How Did Human Cells Build a Storage Engine?Sanjay Joshi Download Apache Ignite - In-Memory Data FabricDmitriy Setrakyan Download
Integrity of In-memory Data Mirroring in Distributed SystemsTejas Wanjari Download    





File Systems
Learnings from Creating Plugin Module for OpenStack Manila ServicesVinod Eswaraprasad Download Leveraging BTRFS, Linux and Open Source in Developing Advanced Storage SolutionsSuman Chakravartula Download Apache HDFS: Latest Developments and TrendsJakob Homan Download
A Pausable File SystemJames Cain Download Storage Solutions for Tomorrow's Physics ProjectsUlrich Fuchs Download Storage Class Memory Support in the Windows Operating SystemNeal Christiansen Download
ZFS Async Replication EnhancementsRichard Morris
Peter Cudhea
ReFS v2: Cloning, Projecting, and Moving DataJ.R. Tipton Download Achieving Coherent and Aggressive Client Caching in Gluster, a Distributed SystemPoornima Gurusiddaiah
Soumya Koduri
Petabyte-scale Distributed File Systems in Open Source Land: KFS EvolutionRichard Morris
Sriram Rao
High Resiliency Parallel NAS ClusterRichard Levy Download Bridging On-Premises File Systems and Cloud StoragePankaj Datta Download
Cache Service In Distributed FileSystemZhongbing Yang Download*  





PCI Express Non-Transparent Bridging for RDMARoland Dreier Download RAIDShield: Characterizing, Monitoring, and Pro-actively Protecting Against Disk FailuresAo Ma Download The Changing Storage Testing LandscapePeter Murray Download





Key Note and Featured Speakers
Innovator, Disruptor or Laggard, Where Will Your Storage Applications Live? Next Generation StorageBev Crair Download The Long-Term Future of Solid State StorageJim Handy Download Concepts on Moving From SAS connected JBOD to an Ethernet Connected JBODJim Pinkerton Download
Planning for the Next Decade of NVM ProgrammingAndy Rudoff Download Software Defined Storage - What Does it Look Like in 3 Years?Richard McDougall Download Why the Storage You Have is Not the Storage Your Data NeedsLaz Vekiarides Download
Emerging Trends in Software DevelopmentDonnie Berkholz Download Learnings from Nearly a Decade of Building Low-cost Cloud StorageGleb Budman  





DMTF Redfish OverviewJeff Autor Download The State of SMI-S – The Standards Based Approach for Managing InfrastructureChris Lionetti Download Enterprise-Grade Array-Based Replication and Disaster Recovery with SMI-S, Windows Server, System Center and Azure Site RecoveryAmit Virmani
Jeff Li





Benefits of NVMe Over Fabrics and Demonstration of a PrototypeRob Davis Download Implementing NVMe Over FabricsWael Noureddine Download* A Cost Effective, High Performance, Highly Scalable, Non-RDMA NVMe FabricBob Hansen Download
SCSI Standards and Technology UpdateRick Kutcipal
Greg McSorley
Growth of the iSCSI RDMA (iSER) EcosystemRob Davis Download FCoE Direct End-Node to End-Node (aka FCoE VN2VN)John Hufferd Download





New Thinking
Pelican: A Building Block for Exascale Cold Data StorageAustin Donnelly Download Torturing Databases for Fun and ProfitMai Zheng Download Skylight — A Window on Shingled Disk OperationPeter Desnoyers Download
f4: Facebook’s Warm BLOB Storage SystemSatadru Pan Download*    





Introduction to Highly Available NFS Server on Scale-Out Storage Systems Based on GlusterFSSoumya Koduri
Meghana Madhusudhan
Instantly Finding a Needle of Data in a Haystack of Large-Scale NFS EnvironmentGregory Touretsky Download pNFS/RDMA: PossibilitiesChuck Lever Download





NVMe Fabric
Donard: NVM Express for Peer-2-Peer between SSDs and other PCIe DevicesStephen Bates Download    





NVM Programming
The NVM RevolutionPaul von Behren Download    





Object Drives
Object Drives: A New Architectural PartitioningMark Carlson Download Beyond LBA: New Directions in the Storage InterfaceAbhijeet Gole

Not Available






Designing SSD-Friendly ApplicationsZhenyun Zhuang Download Load-Sto-Meter: Generating Workloads for Persistent MemoryDoug Voigt
Damini Ashok Chopra
Application-Level Benchmarking with SPEC SFS 2014 Nick Principe
Vernon Miller
Online Cache Analysis And Its Applications For Enterprise Storage SystemsIrfan Ahmad Download NVDIMM-SSDs Tested to the SNIA SSD Performance Test SpecificationEden Kim Download Storage Performance Analysis for Big Data ProcessingDa Qi Ren
Zane Wei





Persistent Memory
Preparing Applications for Persistent MemoryDoug Voigt Download Managing the Next Generation Memory SubsystemPaul von Behren Download The NVDIMM Cookbook: A Soup-to-Nuts Primer on Using NVDIMMs to Improve Your Storage PerformanceJeff Chang
Arthur Sainio
Remote Access to Ultra-low-latency StorageTom Talpey Download Solving the Challenges of Persistent Memory ProgrammingSarah Jelinek Download RDMA with PM: Software Mechanisms for Enabling Persistent Memory ReplicationChet Douglas Download
Advances in Non-Volatile Storage TechnologiesThomas Coughlin
Edward Grochowski
Understanding the Intel/Micron 3D XPoint MemoryJim Handy Download Nonvolatile Memory (NVM), Four Trends in the Modern Data Center, and the Implications for the Design of Next Generation Distributed Storage PlatformsDavid Cohen
Brian Hausauer
Developing Software for Persistent MemoryDr. Thomas Willhalm
Karthik Kumar
Building NVRAM Subsystems in All-Flash Storage ArraysPete Kirkpatrick Download  





Using iSCSI or iSER?Ásgeir Eiriksson Download Linux SMB3 and pNFS - Shaping the Future of Network File SystemsSteven French Download Move Objects to LTFS Tape Using HTTP Web Service InterfaceMatt Starr
Jeff Braunstein





SDS - Software Defined Storage
Introduction to CoprHD: An Open Source Software Defined Storage controller - Deep Dive for DevelopersAnjaneya Chagam
Urayoan Irizarry
Software Defined Storage Based on Direct Attached StorageSlava Kuznetsov Download  





Hackers, Attack Anatomy and Security TrendsGeoff Gentry Download Mobile and Secure: Cloud Encrypted Objects Using CDMIDavid Slik Download OpenStack Swift On File: User Identity For Cross Protocol Access DemystifiedDean Hildebrand
Sasikanth Eda
Multi-Vendor Key Management with KMIPTim Hudson Download Network Bound Encryption for Data-at-Rest ProtectionNathaniel McCallum Download  





SMB 3.1.1 UpdateGreg Kramer
Dan Lovinger
Samba and SMB3: Are We There Yet?Ira Cooper Download Tuning an SMB Server ImplementationMark Rabinovich Download
Azure File Service: ‘Net Use’ the CloudDavid Goebel Download SMB3 Multi-Channel in SambaMichael Adam Download The Past, Present and Future of Samba MessagingVolker Lendecke Download
Calling the Witness: SMB3 Failover with Samba/CTDBGünther Deschner
José Rivera
SMB 3.0 Transparent Failover for EMC Isilon OneFSJohn Gemignani Download The Future is Cloudy - Samba Gateways to a Cloud Storage WorldJeremy Allison Download





SMR - Shingled Magnetic Recording
SMR – The Next Generation of Storage TechnologyJorge Campello Download Host Managed SMRAlbert Chen
Jim Malina
FS Design Around SMR: Seagate’s Journey and Reference System with EXT4Adrian Palmer Download
An SMR-Aware Append-Only File SystemStephen Morgan
Chi-Young Ku
Strategies for Using Standard File Systems on SMR DrivesHannes Reinecke Download Implement Object Storage with SMR based Key-Value StoreQingchao Luo Download
Integrating Cooperative Flash Management with SMR Technology for Optimized Tiering in Hybrid SystemsAlan Chen Download    





Solid State
Standardizing Storage Intelligence and the Performance and Endurance Enhancements it ProvidesBill Martin
Changho Choi





Thousands of Users - Do You Need to Test with Them or Not?Christina Lara
Julian Cachua
Object and Open Source Storage Testing: Finally, a Viable ApproachTim Van Ash Download Parallelizing a Distributed Testing EnvironmentTeague Algie Download





Avoiding Common Storage Development Pitfalls: A Review of the Approaches and Lessons Learned with the VMware vSphere PlatformScott Davis Download Seamless Live Virtual Machine Migration by Mitigating Shared Storage Resource ConstraintSangeeth Keeriyadath
Prasanth Jose
I/O Virtualization in Enterprise SSDsZhimin Ding Download





The Right SSD for the Right ArrayM.K. Jibbe
Bernard Chan
Brian McKean
War Stories of Building a Multi-Node AD ClientOliver Jones
Prasanth Jose
Microsoft Message Analyzer: New Looks and New TricksPaul Long Download*




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