2012 Storage Developer Conference Agenda


The 2013 SDC agenda is under development. In the meantime, please see the 2012 agenda below.

Agenda times are subject to change.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

7:30- 8:45

Continental Breakfast and Networking


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Solid State
File Systems

8:30- 9:20

Cloud File System and Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)

Parag Kulkarni
VP Engineering,
Calsoft Inc.

PCI Express Impact on Storage Architectures and Future Data Centers

Ron Emerick
Principal Hardware Engineer,
Oracle Corporation

Archive eXchange Format (AXF) - An Open Standards-Based Approach to Long Term Content Archiving and Preservation

Brian Campanotti
Front Porch Digital

Energy Efficiency Metrics for Storage

Herb Tanzer
Storage Hardware Architect
Hewlett Packard Co.

Chuck Paridon
Storage Performance Architect
Hewlett Packaard Co.

Linux CIFS/SMB2 Kernel Clients - A Year In Review

Steven French
Senior Engineering,

9:30- 10:20

Open Source Droplet Project Update with S3 and SNIA CDMI Support

Giorgio Regni

Philippe Nicolas
Director Product Strategy, Scality

How Many IOPS is Enough

Thomas Coughlin
Coughlin Associates

Object Oriented Storage and the End of File-Level Restores

Stacy Schwarz-Gardner
Strategic Technical Architect,
Spectra Logic

Getting the Most from Your Hadoop Nodes

Gus Malek-Madani
CEO and Founder,
Green Platform Corporation

Multiuser CIFS Mounts

Jeff Layton
Sr. Software Engineer,
Red Hat

10:20- 10:35


10:35- 11:25

Overcoming Challenges & Best Practices for Interoperability Testing of CDMI

Udayan Singh
Lead SPE-Storage & Platform and Lead Innovate@HiTech, Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

I/O Virtualization – Enabling New Architectures in the Data Center for Server and I/O Connectivity

Sujoy Sen
Senior Manager - Software Architect,
Micron Technology

Scalable, reliable, and Efficient Object Storage for Hadoop

Greg Dhuse
Senior Software Architect,
Cleversafe, Inc.

Tiered Storage and Caching Decisions

Bob Griswold
Director of Industry Software Architecture, Western Digital Corp.

SMB 3.0
( Because 3 > 2 )

David Kruse
Principal Software Development Lead,
Microsoft Corporation

11:35- 12:25

CDMI Extensions

David Slik
Technical Director,
Object Storage,

NVM Express - Delivering Breakthrough PCIe SSD Performance and Scalability

Paul Luse
Software Architect Development Lead,

Implementing HDFS as a Protocol on OneFS

Jeff Hughes
Sr Engineering Manager,
EMC Isilon

InfiniBand Technology and Usage Update

Erin Filliater
Enterprise Market Development Manager,
Mellanox Technologies

Understanding Hyper-V over SMB 3.0 Through Specific Test Cases

Jose Barreto
Principal Program Manager,
Microsoft Corporation

12:30- 1:30

Lunch (Terra Courtyard)


Solid State
File Systems

1:30- 2:20

CDMI Federations, Year 3

David Slik
Technical Director
Object Storage,
NetApp, Inc.

Programming Models to Enable Persistent Memory

Andy Rudoff
Enterprise Storage Architect,

Scaling an Index to the Exabytes

Andrew Baptist
Lead Architect,
Cleversafe, Inc.


Making a Virtualized Storage System Into Storage for Virtual Platforms – One Company’s Journey

Lazarus Vekiarides
Executive Director of Software Engineering Enterprise Storage,

Continuously Available SMB – Observations and Lessons Learned

David Kruse
Principal Software Development Lead,
Microsoft Corporation

Mathew George
Principal Software Developer, Microsoft

2:00- 3:00

2:30- 3:20

CDMI Support for Object Storage in Cloud storage

Padmavathy Madhusudhanan
Technical Manager,
Wipro Technologies

Exploiting the Benefits of Direct Native Programming Access to Non-Volatile Memory Devices

Ashish Batwara
Principal Storage Architect,

What the Evolving Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Will Mean for Storage Developers

Sanjay Radia

Storage Spaces - Next Generation Virtualized Storage for Windows

Karan Mehra
Principal Software Development Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation

Status of SMB2/SMB3 Development in Samba

Michael Adam
Sofware Engineer,
Samba Team

3:20- 3:35


3:35- 4:25

Openstack Object Storage Overview

John Dickinson
Director of Technology at SwiftStack and Project Technical Lead for OpenStack Swift

The Solid State Storage (R-)Evolution

Michael Krause
Fellow Engineer,

GlusterFS Challenges and Futures

Jeff Darcy
Principal Software Engineer,

How Can Hypervisors Leverage Advanced Storage Features?

Dr. Anupam Bhide
CEO, Co-Founder, Calsoft Inc.

The Evolution of Asynchronous IO in Samba

Jeremy Allison
Samba Team

4:35- 5:25

Bridging POSIX-like APIs and Cloud Storage

Wesley Leggette
Software Architect,
Cleversafe, Inc.

Making Sense of the SSD Jungle for Relational Databases

Jim Ting
Stec, Inc

A Case Study of an Object Storage Grid Using Tahoe - LAFS

Phillip Clark
ECC Data Corporation

Block Storage and Fabric Management Using Microsoft System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager and SMI-S

Madhu Jujare
Senior Software Design Engineer,

AD Everywhere: Active Directory Where You Wouldn't Expect It, using Samba 4.0

Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer,
Samba Team


6:30- 7:30

Plugfest Open House and Reception (Magnolia)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

7:30 - 8:45

Continental Breakfast and Networking

8:45 - 9:00

Welcome Remarks

Wayne Adams, Chairman, SNIA Board of Directors
Don Deel, Chairman, SNIA Technical Council

9:00 - 9:45

Linux Filesystems: Details on Recent Developments in Linux Filesystems and Storage
Chris Mason, Director Kernel Engineering, Fusion-io


Non-volatile Memory in the Storage Hierarchy: Opportunities and Challenges
Dhruva Chakrabarti, Senior Scientist, HP




Building Next Generation Cloud Networks for Big Data Applications
Jayshree Ullal, President and Chief Executive Officer, Arista Networks


Windows File and Storage Directions
Surendra Verma, Development Manager, Storage and File Systems, Microsoft


Lunch and Sponsor Showcase (Mezzanine)


Solid State
Block Protocols
Performance / Workloads

1:00 - 1:50

Data Integrity in the Cloud

Christoph Hellwig
Principal Storage Engineer,

PCIe SSD devices - A Year Later

Robert Randall
Windows Driver Architect,
Micron Technology, Inc.

NFSv4 Protocol Development

Alex McDonald
CTO Office,


SAS and SCSI Technology Advancements

Marty Czekalski
President – SCSI Trade Association; Interface and Emerging Architecture Program Manager,

Greg McSorley
Technical Business Development Manager, Amphenol Corp.


Hyper-V Storage Performance and Scaling

Joe Dai
Principal Software Design Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation

Liang Yang
Senior Performance Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation


1:30- 2:30

2:00 - 2:50

Optimizing Sequence Alignment in Cloud Using Hadoop and MPP Database

Senthilkumar Vijayakumar
IT Analyst,
Tata Consultancy Services LTD

Anjanibhargavi Ragothaman
System Engineer,
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

PCI Express IO Virtualization Overview

Ron Emerick
Principal Hardware Engineer, Oracle Corporation

NFSv4.1 Architecture and Tradeoffs in Windows Server 2012

Roopesh Battepati
Principal Development Lead,
Microsoft Corporation

Mike Johnson
Senior Software Design Engineer, Microsoft Corporation


iSCSI: Backing Blocks with Files

Paul Forgey
Principal Software Engineer,
EMC, Isilon Storage Division

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Storage Behaviors and Requirements

Spencer Shepler
Performance Architect,
Microsoft Corporation

2:50 - 3:05


3:05 - 3:55

NoSQL in the Clouds with Windows Azure Table

Jai Haridas
Principal Development Manager,
Microsoft Corporation

Building Commercial Storage Systems from Consumer SSDs

John Hayes
Founder and Chief Architect,
Pure Storage

NFSv4.1 Server Protocol Compliance, Security, Performance and Scalability Testing: Implement the RFC, Going Beyond POSIX Interop!

Raymond Wang
Senior Software Design Engineer in Test,
Microsoft Corporation

Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)

John Hufferd
Hufferd Enterprises

SQL Server: Understanding the Application/Data Workload, and Designing Storage Products to Match Desired Characteristics for Better Performance

Gunter Zink
Principal Program Manager
Microsoft Corporation

Claus Joergensen, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

4:05 - 4:55

Testing 'Continous Available' File Servers - An end-to-end service viewpoint

Tsan Zheng
Sr. Test Lead,

Aniket Malatpure
Sr. Test Lead,

Revisiting Storage for Smartphones

Nitin Agrawal
NEC Laboratories America

Award winning paper from the USENIX File & Storage Technology Conference

Scaling Oracle with pNFS: Improving Database Efficiency for Scale-out Architecture

Bikash Roy Choudhury
Solutions Architect,

VN2VN: A New Framework for L2 DAS

Prafulla Deuskar
Storage Networking Architect,

Mark Wunderlich
Storage Technologist, Intel

The Future of Protocol and SMB2/3 Analysis

Paul Long
Sr. Program Manager, Protocol Enginering Framework,
Microsoft Corporation

5:00 - 7:00

Networking Reception - Sponsor Showcase (Mezzanine)


"Birds of a Feather" Sessions




BoF - Available




Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Continental Breakfast and Networking


Introduction to the Day and Housekeeping Announcements

Don Deel, Chairman, SNIA Technical Council


Storage Systems for Shingled Disks
Garth Gibson, Professor, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, and Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Panasas Inc.  


The Big Deal of Big Data to Big Storage
Benjamin Woo, Founder and Managing Director, Neuralytix




Unified Storage for the Private Cloud
Dennis Chapman, Senior Technical Director, NetApp



Eden Kim, CEO, Calypso Systems, Inc.
Marty Czekalski, Interface & Emerging Architecture Program Manager, Seagate Technology
Dr. Easen Ho, CTO, Calypso Systems, Inc.
Tony Roug, Solutions Architect, Virident Systems


Lunch and Sponsor Showcase (Mezzanine)


Storage Management
File Systems
Big Data


A Simple Open Source Cloud Storage System

Dan Pollack
Senior Operations Architect,

NAS Management using Microsoft Corporation System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager and SMI-S

Alex Naparu
Software Design Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation

Madhu Jujare
Senior Software Design Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation

Linux File and Storage Systems: Challenges and Futures

Ric Wheeler
Architect & Manager of the RHEL File System Team & Red Hat Storage,
Red Hat

Efficient Archiving and Fetching of ‘Big Data’ Files

Uttam Kaushik
Manager Engineering
EMC DiskXtender Product Suite, EMC 

Implementing Quality-of-Service Using SMB2 Crediting

Christian Ambach
Samba Team

1:30- 2:30


How to Store Data to the Cloud without Giving the Cloud Anything

Jason Resch
Senior Software Engineer,
Cleversafe, Inc.

Service Level Objectives for Storage Solutions with Different Application

Dr. M. K. Jibbe
Director of Test Architect and Quality for APG Products,

Kuok Hoe Tan
Senior QA Engineer,

The Btrfs Filesystem

Chris Mason
Director of Kernel Engineering Lead Developer of the Btrfs Filesystem,

Object Storage - Key to Big Data Infrastructure

Anil Vasudeva
President & Chief Analyst,
IMEX Research

SMB 3, Hyper-V and ONTAP

Garrett Mueller
Senior Engineer,




Erasure Coding in Windows Azure Storage

Award Winning paper from the USENIX Annual Technical Conference 2012

Cheng Huang
Researcher, Microsoft


Experiences Evolving SmarterILM

Mark Smith
Enterprise Architect,

Gabriel Alatorre
Software Engineer,

Scaling Storage to the Cloud and Beyond with Ceph

Sage Weil
Founder and Chief Architect, Inktank.

Big Data and The Evolution of Tape Technologies

Kevin Dudak
Senior Product Manager,
Spectra Logic

Design and Implementation of SMB Locking in a Clustered File System

Aravind Velamur Srinivasan
Senior Software Engineer,
EMC - Isilon Storage Division


Improving Cloud Storage Cost and Data Resiliency with  Erasure Codes

Michael Penick
Senior Software Developer, GoDaddy.com

State of SMI-S

Don Deel
Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO, EMC; Chair SNIA Technical Council

ReFS - Next Generation File System for Windows

J.R. Tipton
Principal Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

Malcolm Smith
Senior Software Design Engineer, Microsoft 

Accelerating Hadoop with Data Optimization

Hank Cohen
Director of Product Management,
Altior Inc

Testing Async SMB Samba

Volker Lendecke
Co-Founder of SerNet


"Birds of a Feather" Sessions




BoF - Available




Thursday, September 20, 2012

7:30 - 8:30

Continental Breakfast and Networking

8:15 - 8:30

Introduction to the Day and Housekeeping Announcements

Don Deel, SNIA Technical Council Chair; EMC

8:30 - 9:20

Closing Keynote

The Evolving Apache Hadoop Eco System - What It Means for Big Data Analytics and Storage Developers
Sanjay Radia, Co-founder, Hortonworks


Solid State

9:30 - 10:20

Rainy Days & Boot Storms Always Get Me Down (Evaluating Clouds: What You Need to Know)

Peter Murray
Senior Product Specialist,
SwiftTest, Inc.

Intelligent Controllers at the Heart of Modern Solid State Storage Designs

Anil Vasudeva
President & Chief Analyst,
IMEX Research

Primary Data Deduplication in Windows Server 8

Sudipta Sengupta
Senior Research Scientist,

Jim Benton
Principal Software Design Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation Research

Techniques for Debugging File Protocol Performance Issues

Evgeny Popovich
Principal Software Engineer,
EMC Isilon Storage Division

10:20 - 10:30



Security / Identity
Solid State

10:30 - 11:20

Local Accounts and Privileges in Likewise Storage Server

Rafal Szczesniak
Senior Software Engineer,
EMC Isilon Storage Division

SAS SSDs – Building Blocks for High-Performance Storage

Ulrich Hansen
Director, Market Development,
HGST, a Western Digital Company

Prequel: Distributed Caching for the Masses

Christopher R. Hertel
Senior Principal Software Engineer
Red Hat

Jose Rivera
Software Engineer,
Red Hat

High Performance File Serving with SMB3 and RDMA via the SMBDirect Protocol

Tom Talpey
Software Architect
Microsoft Corporation

Greg Kramer
Sr. Software Development Engineer,
Microsoft Corporation

11:25 - 12:15

Identity Mapping in the OneFS Clustered File System

Steven Danneman
Senior Software Engineer,
EMC Isilon Storage Division

Is MLC Ready for the Enterprise?

Esther Spanjer
Director of Technical Marketing,
SMART Storage Systems

Storage Efficiency in Clustered Storage Environment

Ankur Saran
Systems Engineer,
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

SMB 3.0 Application End-to-End Performance

Dan Lovinger
Principal Software Architect,
Microsoft Corporation


Sessions Conclude


Plugfest Concludes




Birds of a Feather Sessions

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