2013 Storage Developer Conference Presentations

Can Storage fix Hadoop?John Webster Download (368 Kb) Hadoop: Embracing Future HardwareSanjay Radia
Suresh Srinivas
Download (262 Kb)





SCSI Standards and Technology UpdateMarty Czekalski Download (1.82 Mb) SCSI and FC Standards Update Fred Knight Download (273 Kb) Extending SAS Connectivity in the Data Center Bob Hansen Download (685 Kb)
FCoE Direct End-Node to End-Node (aka FCoE VN2VN)John Hufferd Download (1.68 Mb)    





CDMI, The Key Component of Scality Open Cloud AccessGiorgio Regni
Philippe Nicolas
CDMI Federations, Year 4David Slik Download (245 Kb) LTFS and CDMI - Tape for the CloudDavid Slik
Download (468 Kb)
Profile Based Compliance Testing of CDMI: Approach, Challenges & Best PracticesSachin Goswami
Udayan Singh
Download (532 Kb)
Open-source CDMI-compliant proxy: "Stoxy"Ilja Livenson Download (290 Kb) Lessons Learned Implementing Cross-protocol Compatibility Layer Scott Horan Download (246 Kb)
COSBench: A Benchmark Tool for Cloud StorageYaguang Wang Download (1.37 Mb) Architecting An Enterprise Storage Platform Using Object StoresNiraj Tolia Download (4.21 Mb) Windows Azure Storage - Speed and Scale in the CloudJoe Giardino Download (3.91 Mb)
Resilience at Scale in the Distributed Storage CloudAlma Riska Download (1.12 Mb) CDMI and Scale Out File System for HadoopPhilippe Nicolas Pending Transforming Cloud Infrastructure to Support Big DataDr. Ying Xu Download (6.99 Mb)





Data Deduplication as a Platform for Virtualization and High Scale StorageAdi Oltean
Sudipta Sengupta
Download (1.19 Mb)



A Method to Establish Concurrent Rapid Development Cycle and High Quality in a Storage Array System EnvironmentM. K. Jibbe
Kuok Hoe Tan
Download (1.21 Mb)
Code Coverage as a ProcessAruna Prabakar
Niranjan Page
Download (1.28 Mb)





Getting the Most Out of Erasure CodesJason Resch Download (602 Kb) LRC Erasure Coding in Windows Storage SpacesCheng Huang Download (574 Kb) Distributed Storage on Limping HardwareAndrew Baptist Download (98.6 Kb)
Method to Establish a High Availability and High Performance Storage Array in a Green EnvironmentM. K. Jibbe
Marlin Gwaltney
Download (437 Kb)
Transforming PCIe-SSDs and HDDs with Infiniband into Scalable Enterprise StorageDieter Kasper
Download (2.48 Mb)





Demand for Storage Systems from a Customer Viewpoint in JapanSatoshi Uda Download (1.30 Mb)    





Advancements in Windows File SystemsAndy Herron Download (808 Kb) HDFS - What is New and FutureSanjay Radia
Suresh Srinivas
Download (905 Kb)
Multiprotocol Locking and Lock Failover in OneFSAravind Velamur Srinivasan Download (187 Kb)
Snapshots for IBRIX - Highly Distributed Segmented Parallel FSBoris Zuckerman Download (223 Kb) Snapshot CauterizationSandeep Joshi
Narain C. Ramdass
Download (239 Kb)
Cluster Shared VolumesVladimir Petter Download (667 Kb)
Balancing Storage Utilization Across a Global NamespaceManish Motwani Download (1.53 Mb) Scale-out Storage SolutionMahadev Gaonkar Download (1.16 Mb) A Brief History of the BSD Fast FilesystemDr. Marshall Kirk McKusick Download (59.3 Kb)







PCI Express and Its Interface to Storage ArchitecturesRon Emerick Download (356 Kb) PCI Express IO Virtualization Overview Ron Emerick Download (414 Kb) Addressing Shingled Magnetic Recording Drives with Linear Tape File System Albert Chen
Jim Malina
Download (1.32 Mb)
InfiniBand Architectural Overview David Deming Download (1.39 Mb) Infiniband Verbs and Memory Management - RDMADavid Deming Download (1.39 Mb) Introduction to HP MoonshotTracy Shintaku Pending





Can Your Storage Infrastructure Handle the Coming Data Storm?Amritam Putatunda Download (2.10 Mb) OpenStack Cloud StorageDr. Sam Fineberg Download (578 Kb)  







The Impact of the NVM Programming ModelAndy Rudoff Download (1.64 Mb) Windows Azure Storage – Scaling Cloud StorageAndrew Edwards Download (1.62 Mb) Optical Storage TechnologiesKen Wood Download (2.04 Mb)
Hypervisors and Server FlashSatyam Vaghani Download (789 Kb) Storage Infrastructure Performance Validation at Go Daddy – Best Practices from the World’s #1 Web Hosting ProviderJulia Palmer
Justin Richardson
Download (540 Kb)
Migrating to Cassandra in the Cloud, the Netflix WayJason Brown Download (179 Kb)
Platform as a Service and the Newton: One of These Things is Just Like the OtherGerald Carter Download (862 Kb) Worlds Colliding: Why Big Data Changes How to Think about Enterprise StorageAddison Snell Download Watch Video (862 Kb)  



Combining SNIA Cloud, Tape and Container Format Technologies for the Long Term Retention of Big DataSam Fineberg
Simona Rabinovici-Cohen
Download (1.78 Mb)
Best Practices, Optimized Interfaces, API’s designed for Storing Massive Quantities of Long Term Retention Data Stacy Schwarz-Gardner Download (2.86 Mb)  





Screaming Fast Galois Field Arithmetic Using Intel SIMD Instructions Ethan Miller Download (1.63 Mb) NV-Heaps: Making Persistent Objects Fast and Safe with Next-Generation Non-Volatile MemoriesJoel Coburn Download (713 Kb) LazyBase: Trading Freshness for Performance in a Scalable DatabaseBrad Morrey Download (1.04 Mb)
GraphChi: Large-Scale Graph Computation on Just a PCAapo Kyrola Download (2.09 Mb)    



NFS on Steroids: Building Worldwide Distributed File SystemGregory Touretsky Download (790 Kb) Implementing NFSv3 in Userspace: Design and ChallengesTai Horgan Download (97.6 Kb) pNFS, NFSv4.1, FedFS and Future NFS Developments Alex McDonald Download (724 Kb)
pNFS DirectionsMatt Benjamin
Adam Emerson
Download (100 Kb)





Huawei SmartDisk Based Object Storage UDSQingchao Luo Download (1.56 Mb) Architecting Block and Object Geo-replication Solutions with CephSage Weil Download (452 Kb)  





High-Throughput Cloud Storage Over Faulty NetworksYogesh Vedpathak Download (922 Kb) Forget IOPS: A Proper Way to Characterize & Test Storage PerformancePeter Murray Download (3.17 Mb) Improvements in Storage Energy Efficiency via Storage Subystem Cache and TieringChuck Paridon
Herb Tanzer
Download (849 Kb)
Lessons Learned Tuning HP's SMB Server with the FSCT BenchmarkBret McKee
Vinod Eswaraprasad
Download (245 Kb)







Trusted Computing Technologies for StorageDr. Michael Willett Download (3.72 Mb) Multi-vendor Key Management – Does It Actually Work?Tim Hudson Download (1.44 Mb) Matching Security to Data Threats – More is Not Better, but Less Can be BadChris Winter Download (547 Kb)







SMB3 Meets Linux: The Linux Kernel ClientSteven French Download (986 Kb) Mapping SMB onto Distributed Storage Christopher R. Hertel
José Rivera
Download (4.17 Mb)
Pike - Making SMB Testing Less TorturousBrian Koropoff Download (278 Kb)
Exploiting the High Availability features in SMB 3.0 to Support Speed and ScaleJames Cain Download (329 Kb) SMB3 UpdateDavid Kruse Download (354 Kb) Implementation of SMB3.0 in Scale-Out NASKalyan Das
Jun Liu
Download (1.83 Mb)
1 S(a) 2 M 3 B(a) 4Michael Adam Download (379 Kb) Samba 4.0 released: What Now for the Open Source AD Domain Controller?Andrew Bartlett Download (249 Kb) SMB Direct UpdateGreg Kramer
Tom Talpey
Download (474 Kb)
A Status Report on SMB Direct (RDMA) for SambaRichard Sharpe Download (115 Kb) Samba Scalability and Performance TuningVolker Lendecke Download (105 Kb) Scaled RDMA Performance & Storage Design with Windows Server SMB 3.0Dan Lovinger
Spencer Shepler
Download (615 Kb)





Defining Software Defined StorageLazarus Vekiarides Download (494 Kb) Hosting Performance-Sensitive Applications in the Cloud with Software-Defined StorageFelix Xavier Download (1.05 Mb) Software-Defined Network Technology and the Future of StorageStuart Berman Download (1.72 Mb)





SNIA NVM Programming ModelPaul von Behren Download (184 Kb) NVMe based PCIe SSD Validation – Challenges and Solutions Apurva Vaidya
Sachin Gade
Download (345 Kb)
TBF: A Memory-Efficient Replacement Policy for Flash-based CachesBiplob Debnath Download (585 Kb)
Delivering Nanosecond-Class Persistent StorageSteffen Hellmold Download (591 Kb)    







Event Trees for Storage Monitoring and ManagementRajesh Radhakrishnan Pending A Method to Backup and Restore Configuration Settings for Each and Every Component in the SAN Environment Using SMISDhishankar Sengupta
Krishanu Dhar
Download (1.09 Mb)





Building the Public Storage UtilityWesley Leggette Download (2.40 Mb)    





Testing iSCSI / SCSI Protocol Compliance Using LibiscsiRonnie Sahlberg Download (45.8 Kb) Message Analysis and Visualization in Heterogeneous Environments Paul Long Download (1.45 Mb) A Software Based Fault Injection Framework for Storage ServerVinod Eswaraprasad
Smitha Jayaram
Download (190 Kb)







An SMB3 Engineer’s View of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V WorkloadsGerald Carter Download (1.06 Mb) Tunneling SCSI over SMB: Shared VHDX files for Guest Clustering in Windows Server 2012 R2Jose Barreto
Matt Kurjanowicz
Download (2.39 Mb)
Direct NFS – Design Considerations for Next-gen NAS Appliances Optimized for Database WorkloadsGurmeet Goindi
Akshay Shah
Download (259 Kb)