2008 Storage Developer Conference Presentations



Best of FAST
An Analysis of Data Corruption in the Storage StackGarth Goodson Download (841 Kb) Portably Solving File TOCTTOU Races with Hardness AmplificationDilma Da Silva Download (283 Kb)      



Birds of a Feather
CIFS Acceleration Mark Rabinovich Download (629 Kb )        



A CIFS/SMB/SMBV2 File Server Tool for Capacity Planning and Performance TroubleshootingJose Barreto and Bartosz Nyczkowski Download (842 Kb) Microsoft Network Monitor 3 (NM3)Paul Long Download (82 Kb) Using Wireshark for Analyzing CIFS TrafficRonnie Sahlberg Download (1.37 Mb) Active Directory Group Policies and Storage ManagementMatthew Geddes Download (173 Kb) Samba4 as Active Directory Member ServerKai Blin Download (78 Kb)
All-Active High Performance CIFS ClusteringRonnie Sahlberg Download (328 Kb) Model-Based Quality Assurance of the SMB2 Protocol DocumentationWolfgang Grieskamp Download (696 Kb) SMB Version 2: Scaling from Kilobits to GigabitsJames Pinkerton
David Kruse
Download (467 Kb)
Moving to SMB2David Kruse Download (307 Kb) Native OpenSolaris CIFS ServiceAlan Wright
Afshin Salek
Download (750 Kb)
Implementing DFS-NDan Lovinger Download (491 Kb) SMB 2.0 Implementation in Data ONTAPAnkit Mathur Download (98 Kb) Beyond CIFSDavid Kruse Download (265 Kb) Below SMB: How Windows File Systems Impact Remote File AccessNeal Christiansen Download (136 Kb) CIFS Protocol ExtensionsSteve French Download (940 Kb)
Testing an SMB2 ImplementationAndrew Tridgell Download (77 Kb) SoFS - Scale out File ServicesSven Oehme Download (3.05 Mb)      



File Systems
Clustered and Parallel Storage System TechnologiesBrent Welch Download (673 Kb) Measuring Database Performance with 2.6.18 Clients over NFSv4Bikash Roy Choudhury Download (524 Kb) Leveraging NFSv4 to Build a Federated File System ProtocolJames Lentini Download (234 Kb) Demystifying Storage Configurations for Optimal PerformanceSteve Johnson Download (429 Kb)  



File System Performance
Intel(R) NAS Performance ToolkitAnthony Bock
Frank Hady
Download (1.00 Mb)
Performance Analysis and Benchmarking with FilebenchSpencer Shepler Download (1.37 Mb) DTrace for Storage DevelopmentDominic Kay Download (172 Kb)    



Encrypted Local & iSCSI Storage with ZFSDarren Moffat Download (87 Kb) Accelerating iSCSI Proxy I/OAndrew Spry Download (872 Kb) OpenSolaris iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER)Peter Dunlap Download (178 Kb) iSCSI Testing: Are There More Test Challenges Under the Hood of an iSCSI Storage Product Certification?M.K. Jibbe Download (781 Kb)  



Keynote Speakers
A Resource Domain Model for the Storage IndustryMark Carlson Download (2.32 Mb) VMware Virtualization and StorageSteve Herrod Download (1.14 Mb) Don't Fight the TrendsVal Bercovicii Download (2.26 Mb) To Boldly Go...Jeremy Allison Download (569 Kb) Open Source, Storage Innovation and Business ModelsJames Bottomley Download (470 Kb)
"Food Fight" Panel
Solid State Storage:
Flash in the Pan or
Recipe for Success?
Thomas M. Coughlin
James Chu, Flynn David
Alex Fuxa, Joel Hagberg
Jim Handy, Marius Tudor
Denis Vilfort
Download (138 Kb)
The Bits are in the CloudsJeff Barr Download (2.54 Mb) The Role of Flash in the Storage HierarchyAndreas Bechtolsheim Download (2.39 Mb)    



SDC Academic Innovation Spotlight
Intra-Disk Parallelism: A Green Storage Solution for Data CentersSudhanva Gurumurthi Download (595 Kb)        



Status Report on Storage Security InitiativesEric Hibbard Download (178 Kb) Trusted Computing Group Trusted Storage SpecificationJason Cox Download (2.68 Mb) Trusted Storage: Putting Security and Data TogetherMichael Willett Download (4.08 Mb) Key Management: The Key to Secure StorageMichael Willett Download (1018 Kb)  



Storage Device Technology
4kB Data Sector UpdateMike Fitzpatrick Download (258 Kb) Potential Impact of Solid State Memory on Enterprise Storage and Server SolutionsAndy Walls Download (197 Kb) Comparison of Drive Technologies for High-Transaction DatabasesWade Tuma Download (334 Kb) General Purpose Storage ServersArt Licht Download (1.98 Mb)  



Storage Futures
Extreme Storage Requirements: Storage on the Lunatic FringeTom Ruwart Download (1.50 Mb)        



Storage Management
Tape Library Virtualization Based on IEEE Standard 1244Wolfgang Mueller-Friedt Download (820 Kb) SMI-S Client Development & Deployment in an Enterprise EnvironmentCindy Zhou Download (762 Kb) DMTF Profiles for StorageJohn Crandall Download (593 Kb) SMI-S: Deployment Best Practices Paul von Behren Download (137 Kb) Microsoft Support for SMI-SDeborah Jones
Mohamed Lawindi
Download (546 Kb)
SMI-S Provider Architecture ExploredAshish Jangam
Neerav Parikhs
Download (720 Kb)
Moving Towards Automatic Storage Network ManagementMichael O'Sullivan Download (2.09 Mb)      



Tutorials: Emerging Technologies
Why Fibre Channel over Ethernet?Bob Snively Download (540 Kb) FCoE - Why It's More Than Just Another ProtocolFrederick Knight Download (1.45 Mb) ZFSJeff Bonwick and Bill Moore Download (3.89 Mb) SNIA Green Update for DevelopersErik Riedel Download (354 Kb) Green SCSIGiri Basava Download (190 Kbs)



Tutorials: Standards to Solutions Track
SBB 2.0 Specification OverviewMark Hall Download (1.19 Mb) SCSI Enclosure Services (SES)Rajendra Divecha Download (458 Kb) NFSv4.1 and BeyondSpencer Shepler
Michael Eisler
Dave Noveck
Download (128 Kb)
F-SSDs in the Enterprise: Where, How and WhyMarius F. Tudor Download (841 Kb) Shifting Gears with SSDsDenis Vilfort Download (6.28 Mb )
XAM & XAM SDKMark Carlson and Scott Ostapovicz Download (2.79 Mb)        



XAM/Data Management
XAM Over OSDSami Iren Download (933 Kb) XAM and pNFS - A Case StudyPeter Cudhea Download (132 Kb) Open Source Storage Solution - ILMUdayan Singh Download (309 Kb) Data Integrity in the Storage StackJim Williams
Martin Petersen
Download (578 Kb)



Backup Presentations
iSCSISIM - Test Tool for iSCSI TargetsDavid Cuddihy Download (230 Kb) Open-FCoE ArchitecturePrafulla Deuskar Download (311 Kb)