2010 Storage Developer Conference Presentations



Advances in Hardware
Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) and iSCSI – Uncompromised Performance for Virtual Server EnvironmentsLeonid Grossman Download (1.27 Mb) SAS Technical Update and Advanced Connectivity RoadmapMarty Czekalski
Jay Neer
Download (1.11 Mb)





Best Practices in Storage Testing
BUGS...Catch them before they catch you! A Survey of Storage Test Tools and Industry Best PracticesPeter Murray
Alan Newman
Download (411 Kb)
Out-of-Band Recovery Mechanism for I/O module using Alternate Control PathMayank Saxena Download (178 Kb)      





Birds of a Feather
How to participate in SNIA Standards DevelopmentArnold Jones Download (142 Kb) SMI-S and the Role of the Storage Management InitiativeSteve Peters Download (160 Kb) Data and Storage Management for Quantum ComputingLei Liu Download (166 Kb) Cloud Storage vs Object StorageJerome Lecat Download (109 Kb) The Latest Updates on Fibre ChannelGreg McSorely Download (420 Kb)
Best of Fast - Membrane: Operating System Support for Restartable File SystemsAbhishek Rajimwale Download (1.03 Mb) Best of Fast - quFiles: The Right File at the Right TimeKaushik Veeraraghavan Download (895 Kb) SSD Applications, Workloads & SSS ArchitecturesPanelists:
Tom Coughlin (Moderator)
Marty Czekalski
Eden Kim
Dimitri Obukhov
Download (2.2 Mb)
Best of Fast - quFiles: The Right File at the Right TimeKaushik Veeraraghavan Download (895 Kb)  







Block Storage
Analyzing Large-scale Network Boot Workload for WindowsQiang Wang Download (1.02 Mb) Software FCoE – A Case StudySudheer Nair
Manu Gupta
Download (772 Kb)
PCI Express I/O Virtualization ExplainedRichard Solomon Download (284 Kb)    





The Evolution of Cloud Storage - From "Disk Drive in the Sky" to "Storage Array in the Sky"Dan Decasper
Allen Samuels
Download (596 Kb )
CDMI Specification for DevelopersMark Carlson Download (2.21 Mb ) Developing with CDMIDavid Slik Download (377 Kb ) Developing a Cloud ClientDavid Moolennar
Michael Behrens
Download (1.15 Mb )
CDMI ClientsRich Ramos Download (288 Kb )
The Cloud Data Management Interface Reference ImplementationScott Baker Download (2.4 Mb) Cloud HoLD Introduction: Implementing CDMI for DevelopersMark Carlson Download (115 Kb ) Facilitating the Open Source Community Transition to Cloud StorageGiorgio Regni
Brad King
Download (540 Kb )
Leveraging Cloud Storage through Mobile Applications Using Mezeo Cloud Storage REST APIsJohn Eastman Download (776 Kb ) Virtualization Storage Concepts, APIs and Performance Best PracticesAditya Vasudevan Download (301 Kb)
Using SMI-S with the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)Scott Baker Download (2.90 Mb ) CDMI and Cloud FederationDavid Slik Download (471 Kb ) Hadoop File System InternalsDhruba Borthakur Download (1.41 Mb ) Designing Secure Storage for the CloudJesus Molina Download (1.82 Mb ) Cloud Security Using Information DispersalJulie Bellanca Download (377 Kb )





Are We There Yet: The Long and Winding Road to SMB/CIFS SpecificationsChristopher Hertel
José Rivera
Download (3.30 Mb)
MS-FSA: Describing Wire Visible Behavior of Microsoft File SystemsNeal Christiansen Download (124 Kb) CIFS Map of SolarisJiri Sasek Igor Gokhman Download (64 Kb) A Comparison Between the Samba 3 and Likewise Lwiod SMB File Servers Steven Danneman Download (327 Kb) Status of Clustered CIFS Using SambaVolker Lendecke Download (160 Kb)
IPv6 and Samba/SMBDavid HolderDownload (867 Kb) Implementing SMB2 Within SambaJeremy Allisondownload (133 Kb) SMB2 Meets Linux: Developing the SMB2 and CIFS Kernel Clients for LinuxSteve French Download Interoperability Tools for CIFS/SMB/SMB2Paul Long
Simon Sun
Download (2.41 Mb)
SMB Traffic Analyzer - Monitor the Data Flow of Samba ServersHolger Hetterich Download (1.14 Mb)
Evaluating SMB2 Performance for Home Directory WorkloadsDavid Kruse
Dan Lovinger
Download (973 Kb)
Scaling Likewise-CIFS Beyond 50k Concurrent Connections on a Single NodeGerald Carter Download (534 Kb) Embedded Private Cloud Storage Using Samba and CephKai Blin Download (645 Kb) Identity Mapping for Windows+UNIX EnvironmentsJordan Brown Download (88 Kb) Unix Extensions for SMB2 - A Protocol InitiativeTom TalpeyDownload (215 Kb)
Analyzing Metadata Caching in the Windows SMB2 ClientMathew George
David Kruse
Download (131 Kb)





ZFS What's NewJeff Bonwick Download ZFS AdvancedJeff Bonwick Download pNFS Development StatusBrent Welch Download (178 Kb) OpenAFS: Ten Years of Open Source Storage SystemsJeffrey Altman Download (200 Kb) Building Windows File Systems: A Look at the OpenAFS Client for WindowsPeter Scott
Jeff Altman
Download (175 Kb)
Ultra High-Speed Transport Over WANMichelle Munson Download (1.0 Mb) Optimizing Disk Layouts for Mixed Sequential Read WorkloadsRik Faith Download (296 Kb) IDA based Virtual Appliance for Secondary Storage SolutionsGiridhar Lakkavalli Download (386 Kb) NFS in Windows Platform Jeff Biseda Download (364 Kb) The Metadata Problem - Understanding the Issues and How to Address Them Anand Babu Periasamy Download (191 Kb)
Solving Data Loss in Massive Storage SystemsJason ReschDownload (273 Kb) Database Techniques to Manage a Distributed POSIX Namespace and Associated MetadataDavid Boomer Download (378 Kb) RESTful FilesystemsJames CainDownload (104 Kb)    





Hot Topic
KMIP - Key Management Interoperability Protocol Implementation GuidanceGordon Arnold
Larry Hofer
Download (1.06 Mb)





Keynote/Featured Speakers
Cloud, Convergence and ConsolidationHenry Baltazar Download (1011 Kb) Long Term Information RetentionSam Fineberg Download (310 Kb) The Death of File Protocols. This time I really mean it!Jeremy Allison Download (1.5 Mb) The challenges of configurable hybrid Memristor-CMOS Integrated circuits fabrication: Physics and Materials ScienceGilberto Medeiros-Ribeiro Download (4.55 Mb) Partly Cloudy Business and Innovation in the Internet EraGeoffrey Moore Download (1.26 Mb)
Solid State Storage Panel Discussion: “Is Solid State Storage Ready for Primetime?”Panelists:
Tom Coughlin (Moderator)
Marty Czekalski
Jim Handy
Esther Spangler
Download (168 Kb) Download (1.6 Mb)
Cloud Storage Panel Discussion: “Cloud Storage - Critical Challenges and Trends (and What Impact on Developers...?)”Panelists:
Ashar Baig
Val Bercovici
Mark Carlson
Vincent Franceschini
Erik Riedel





Seven Myths About Storage EncryptionDmitry Oblukhov Download (451 Kb) The Self- Encrypting Hard and SSD Drive Revolution: Managing the Data at Rest SolutionsRobert Thibadeau Download (850 Kb)      





Solid State Storage
Trends in Solid State StorageJeff Kimmel Download (680 Kb) Storage Acceleration, Driven by Autonomic SoftwareSam Siewert Download (680 Kb) The Write Endurance of SSDs - Is MLC NAND Fit for Data Centers?Moshe Selfin Download (234 Kb) Flash and the Architecture of Storage SystemsMoshe Selfin Download (100 Kb) Hybrid Storage Architecture Marries Performance and EfficiencyBill Mottram Download (643 Kb)





Standards to Solutions
FC-BB-6: New FCoE FunctionalityDavid Peterson Download (936 Kb) The Pieces to Managing FCoEJohn Crandall Download (151 Kb) iSCSI and FCOE Testings: What are the Test Challenges Under the Hood of a 10 Gb iSCSI and a 10G FCOE Storage Array Product Certification?Mahmoud Jibbe Download (1.84 Mb) SMI-S Over WS-Management: A Progress ReportJosh Cohen
Jim Davis
Download (673 Kb)
Tutorial: “Green Storage is About More Than kWh!”SW Worth Pending
Energy Management: The Key to an Effective Storage Consolidation StrategyJoe Polastre Download (1.49 Mb) Introducing and Validating SNIA SSS Performance Test SuiteEsther SpanjerDownload (1.07 Kb)      





Storage Management
Process of Generating Power from Hard disk Vibration in DatacentersSenthilkumar Vijayakumar Download (1.75 Mb) SMI-S Client and Server Development, from Check Box to Industrial StrengthSteve Peters Download (82 Kb) Embedded SMI-S Lessons LearnedArt Colvig
Mike Lamb
Download (76 Kb)
Automatic Generation of SMI ProvidersDavid Dodgson Download (139 Kb)  





An Enterprise Messaging Solution using Integrated Open Source SoftwarePrateek Sinha Download (641 Kb) "Sparse Storage" for VMs - Often Overlooked FactsDilip Naik Download (390 Kb) LSI’s VMware vCenter Plug-In: A Study in the Use of Open Source SoftwareBrian Mason
Erik Johannes
Download (514 Kb)
Improve Storage Efficiency on Deploying Oracle Databases for Dev/Test in a Virtualized Environment Over NFSBikash Roy Choudhury Download (935 Kb) Storage I/O Control: Proportional Allocation of Shared Storage ResourcesChethan Kumar Download (861 Kb)





Backup Presentations
Case Study: MS-DFS - Writing New Drivers to Extend Likewise-CIFSGerald Carter Download (480 Kb)