2019 SDC Presentations




Cloud Storage
How the Intersection of Blockchain, Decentralization and Open Source is Impacting Cloud StorageBen Golub Download Watch Video Data Management in a Cloud-Agnostic WorldVianney Rancurel Download Watch Video Azure Storage: Building File System Semantics for an Exabyte Scale Object Storage SystemShane Mainali and Raji Easwaran Download Watch Video
The Cloudiest Storage, The Storagiest Cloud: an Independent Study of Hyperscalers' Storage OfferingsGregory Touretsky Download Watch Video Simplifying Stateful apps on Kubernetes: a git like Workflow Jagadish Mukku and Dhanashankar Venkatesan Download Watch Video  






Computational Storage
What Happens when Compute Meets Storage? – Computational Storage TWGNick Adams Download Watch Video Computational Storage Architecture Development Scott Shadley Download Watch Video Storage Acceleration with CCIXMillind Mittal Download Watch Video
Accelerating RocksDB with Eideticom’s NoLoad® NVMe-based Computational Storage Processor Stephen Bates Download Watch Video A Simple Approach to Implementing Computational Storage Jason Molgaard Download Watch Video Transforming Storage Controllers with Cost Effective on Drive Linux Workloads Neil Werdmuller Download Watch Video
Computational Storage: Make Relational Databases Efficiently Support Data Analytics Yang Liu Download Watch Video NVMe based Video and Storage Solutions for Edged based Computational StorageJohn Plasterer Download Watch Video IO for GPU-Accelerated Machine Learning Andy Watson Download Watch Video






Data Protection and Capacity Optimization
Data-At-Rest Protection at Data Center Scale with NVMe* and Opal*Andrzej Jakowski and Adrian Pearson Download Watch Video Fast Resilvering in High Capacity all Flash Systems Shailendra Tripathi Download Watch Video  






Breaking the Metadata Bottleneck: the Exascale Filesystem DeltaFS as a LANL and Carnegie Mellon Collaboration Qing Zheng Download Watch Video    






File Systems
Introduction of SPDK vhost FUSE Target to Accelerate File Access in VM and ContainersChangpeng Liu and Xiaodong Liu Download Watch Video New Object-based Tape System in Managing the Exponential Data GrowthYuichi Kurihashi Download Watch Video Developments in LTO Tape Hardware and SoftwareDavid Pease and Takeshi Ishimoto Download Watch Video
A Crash-consistent Client-side Cache for CephLisa Li and Tushar GohadDownload Watch Video Best Practices for OpenZFS L2ARC in the Era of NVMe Ryan McKenzie Download Watch Video Enabling Rapid and Secure Metadata Search Across Storage TiersDominic Manno Download Watch Video






Keynote Speakers/General Sessions
Welcome and RemarksMichael Oros Watch Video OIL+VCache: File Abstraction for Distributed SystemsRoberto Peon Download Watch Video DreamWorks Animation: Delivering Scalable Data Services for Ogres, Dragons, Trolls and now, YetisScott Miller
Accelerating Innovation Through Next Generation Storage TechnologiesRebecca Weekly DownloadWatch Video Beyond DeltaFS: Designing Storage Systems to Support HPC and AI Workloads Bradley Settlemyer Download Watch Video Wednesday's Opening RemarksMark Carlson

Watch Video

eBay Object Storage at ScaleGilbert BouzeidDownload Watch Video NVMe State of the UnionPeter OnufrykDownload Watch Video Solid State Storage Value Innovation Through SoftwareEric RiesDownload Watch Video
Infusing Blockchain in Storage System Supply ChainMichelle LamDownload Watch Video    






Machine Learning Sessions
Emerging Trends in Computer ArchitectureSteffen Hellmold DownloadWatch Video New Perspective on Machine Learning Predictions Under UncertaintyRahul Vishwakarma and Jayanth Kumar Reddy Perneti Download Watch Video A Scalable Artificial Intelligence Data Pipeline for Accelerating Time to InsightSanhita Sarkar DownloadWatch Video






NVM Express
NVM Express Specifications: Mastering Today’s Architecture and Preparing for Tomorrow’sJ Metz and Nick AdamsDownload Watch Video Squeezing Compression into SPDK Jim Harris and Paul LuseDownload Watch Video Programming Emerging Storage InterfacesSimon LundDownload Watch Video
Standardization for a Key-Value Interface Underway at SNIA and NVM ExpressBill Martin DownloadWatch Video Managing Capacity in NVM Express SSDsMark Carlson and Paul Suhler Download Watch Video 10 Million I/Ops From a Single ThreadBenjamin Walker Download Watch Video
Zoned Flash SSDs in Advanced Storage SystemsRobert Lercari Download Watch Video Accelerating RocksDB with Zoned NamespacesHans Holmberg Download Watch Video Linux NVMe and Block Layer Status UpdateChristoph Hellwig Download Watch Video
Enhancing RocksDB for SSD Endurance and PerformanceRemington Brasga DownloadWatch Video Storage Applications in BlockchainOlga Buchonina and Daniel Jones Download Watch Video  






NVMe over Fabrics SAN for the next-gen Data Center? Why should I care?Rupin MohanDownload Watch Video Selecting an NVMe over Fabrics Ethernet Transport, RDMA or TCP Dave Minturn and Anil VasudevanDownload Watch Video Achieving Scalable High Performance for NVMe/FCJayamohan Kallickal and Shoby CherianDownload Watch Video
SSPDK based user space NVMe over TCP Transport SolutionZiye Yang DownloadWatch Video Using SmartNICs as a New Platform for Storage ServicesFazil Osman Download Watch Video Providing QoS Guarantees in the LightOS NVMe/TCP Software Defined Storage SystemLev Solomonov Download Watch Video
Security and Integrity of Data in Flight when Scaling our NVMe over FabricsNishant Lodha DownloadWatch Video Hardware Security for Performance Based TCP Attached StorageScott Schweitzer Download Watch Video  






Current Events in Container StorageKeith HudginsDownload Watch Video An Opinionated Kubernetes Distribution Optimized for Data ManagementNicolas TrangezDownload Watch Video Volumes as a Microservice: Two years later - A look at Project Longhorn with KubernetesSheng YangDownload Watch Video
Ensuring Application Data Locality in KubernetesDavid Hay Download Watch Video Integrating Persistent Volumes Kubernetes into a Composable Infrastructure PlatformBrian Pawlowski Download Watch Video  






Nonvolatile Memory Programming TWG - Remote Persistent MemoryTom Talpey and Alan Bumgarner Download Watch Video Spark-PMoF: Accelerating big data analytics with Persistent Memory over FabricHaodong Tang Download Watch Video Emerging Memory Update 2019: What a Difference a Year Makes!Jim Handy and Thomas Coughlin Download Watch Video
The NVRAM Standard, Bringing Coherence to the Crazy World of Persistent MemoryBill Gervasi Download Watch Video Volatile Use of Persistent MemoryUsha Upadhyayula Download Watch Video Persistent Memory Programming on Conventional HardwareTerence Kelly Download Watch Video
Adopting Persistent Memory in New Memory-Converged Infrastructures Charles Fan Download Watch Video Intel Optane(tm) DC Persistent Memory Performance ReviewMichael Strassmaier Download Watch Video Persistent Memory Programming Made Easy with pmemkv Andy Rudoff Download Watch Video






What's new in Samba?Ralph Böhme DownloadWatch Video Progress in Making Clustered Samba More ScalableVolker Lendecke Download Watch Video Samba Async VFS FutureStephan Metzmacher Download Watch Video
smbcmp: a Network Capture Diff Tool for SMB TrafficAurelien Aptel Download Watch Video Libsmb2: a Userspace SMB2 Client for all PlatformsRonnie Sahlberg Download Watch Video Samba's RPC Services for non-GPL SMB ServersVolker Lendecke Download Watch Video
Introduce New In-kernel SMB3 Server called CIFSDNamjae Jeon and Hyunchui LeeDownload Watch Video Opening up Linux to the Wider World: Update on Status of the POSIX Extensions to the SMB3.1.1 ProtocolSteven French and Jeremy Allison Download Watch Video SMB3.1.1 to the Cloud and Beyond: Update on Progress in SMB3 Support for LinuxSteven French Download Watch Video
Surfing the World Wide File: SMB3 Improvements for Safe and Efficient Internet AccessFrank Li and Andy Ruiz Cabrera Download Watch Video Storage RDMA Push Mode to Persistent Memory via SMB3Matthew George and Tom Talpey Download Watch Video Cloud ID Mapping in SAMBA Based Hybrid Storage ApplianceYogesh Kulkarni Download Watch Video






Storage Architecture
CSSD: A New Monolithic Cloud NVMe Storage Driver Michael Xing, Danyu Zhu and Liang Yang Download Watch Video Opportunities for Storage in the Growing Global Markets for Video Games John Carlsen Download Watch Video LSM-based Storage Techniques - Strengths and Trade-offs Rohan Puri and Shiram Pore Download Watch Video
SAS Rules the Data Center Cameron Brett Download Watch Video Gen-Z Invigorating Management Architecture Inducing a Change in the Ecosystem Parmeshwr Prasad Download Watch Video Next-Gen Performance & Efficiency with EDSFF SSD and QLC Technology Mike Scriber Download Watch Video






Storage Networking
A Quantum Leap: NVMe over Fabrics and Fibre Channel Craig Carlson and Rupin Mohan Download Watch Video Machine Intelligence in Data Center Networks Hariharan Krishnaswamy Download Watch Video  






Storage Performance / Workloads
Real World Data Center Workload analysis on Advanced Storage Architectures Eden Kim Download Watch Video Application Performance Benchmarking for NVMe-oF Persistent Volume (on Kubernetes cluster) Pooja Pandey and Pranjali Malode Download Watch Video So, You Want to Build a Storage Performance Testing Lab? Nick Principe Download Watch Video
Object Storage Workload Testing Tools John HarriganDownload Watch Video Introducing the AI/ML and Genomics Workloads from the SPEC Storage Subcommittee Ken Cantrell and Nick Principe Download Watch Video Average Storage Latency is Lacking. Let's fix it!Richard Elling Download Watch Video
Multi-Actuator HDDs Performance and Integration Considerations James Borden Download Watch Video Improved Storage Performance Using the New Linux Kernel I/O Interface Vishal Verma and John Kariuki Download Watch Video Latency is more than just a Number: The Data Science of QoS Dave Holmstrom Download Watch Video






Storage Resource Management
Redfish Ecosystem for Storage Richelle Ahlvers and Jeff Hilland Download Watch Video SNIA Swordfish™ OverviewRichelle Ahlvers Download Watch Video Scalable Storage Management with NVMe and NVMe-oFPiotr Wysocki Download Watch Video
Emerging Scalable Storage Management Functionality Richelle Ahlvers Download Watch Video OpenSDS & Swordfish: The Open Autonomous Data Platform with Scalable Storage Management Steven Tan and Rakesh Jain Download Watch Video Accelerate Development of SNIA Swordfish™ Don Deel Download Watch Video
Accelerating Windows Integrations: Introducing the SNIA Swordfish™ PowerShell Tool Kit and Windows Admin Center Integration Rob (Barkz) Barker and Chris Lionetti Download Watch Video Golang Support for SNIA Swordfish™ Sean McGinnis Download Watch Video  








Backup Presentations
VM Instand Boot from CloudMiraj Bhawani Download
No Video Available
Server, storage and networking device simulation at scale with containersHemant Gaikwad Download
No Video Available
BeeGFS Data Integrity Improvements without impacting PerformanceDr. M. K. Jibbe and Joey Parnell Download
No Video Available
Why do customers need media path reduncancey in a stroage array with simple low-latency hardware paths?Dr. M. K. Jibbe and Joey Parnell Download
No Video Available
Origin of Million IOPs throughput and microsecond latencies in NVMe Enterprise SSDsAndrei Konan Download
No Video Available
Deploying Video Surveillance Solutions with HPE 3PAR StoreServDhishankare Sengupta and Umang Kumar Download
No Video Available
InfiniBox Flash Cache - winning performance with hybrid storageSivan Tal Download
No Video Available
Breaking the Barrier of Monolithic SDS Architecture using NVMe-oF to Enable Next-gen Storage Technology InnovationYi Zou and Arun Raghunath Download
No Video Available
Self Healing Storage for Performance Issues Ramya Krishnamurthy Download
No Video Available