2016 Storage Developer Conference Presentations


Capacity Optimization
Improving Copy-On-Write Performance in Container Storage DriverFrank Zhao Download Smashing Bits: Comparing Data Compression Techniques in StorageJuan Deaton Download Accelerate Finger Printing in Data DeduplicationXiaodong Liu
Qihua Dai
Unified DeduplicationLouis Imershein Download    





What You Need to Know on Cloud StorageDavid Slik
Mark Carlson
Introduction to OpenStack CinderSean McGinnis Download Cloud Access Control DelegationDavid Slik Download
USB Cloud Storage GatewayDavid Disseldorp Download Deploying and Optimizing for Cloud Storage Systems using Swift SimulatorGen Xu Download Hyper Converged Cache Storage Infrastructure For CloudAuthors: Yuan Zhou
Chendi Xue
Service Oriented Cloud Storage Performance AnalysisDa Qi Ren
Dr. Masood Mortazavi





Cold Storage Data
Introducing the View of SNIA Japan Cold Storage Technical Working Group on "Cold Storage"Kazuhiko Kawamura Download Cold Storage: The Road to EnterpriseIlya Kuznetsov Download  



Data Preservation
The Role of Active Archive in Long-Term Data PreservationMark Pastor Download Data Retention and Preservation: The IT Budget Killer is TamedShawn Brume Download  



Erasure Coding
Modern Erasure Codes for Distributed Storage SystemsSrinivasan Narayanamurthy Download Fun with Linearity: How Encryption and Erasure Codes are Intimately RelatedJason Resch Download
Optimize Storage Efficiency & Performance with Erasure Coding Hardware OffloadDror Goldenberg Download
Next Generation Scale-Out NASPhilippe Nicolas Download    



Delivering Memory Performance with Shared FlashGurmeet Goindi
Kothanda (Kodi) Umamageswaran
Iometer for Zoned Block DevicesMuhammad Ahmad Download Early Developer Experiences Extending Windows Nano Server with Enterprise Fibre Channel Software TargetTerry Spear Download





File Systems
Design of a WORM FilesystemTerry Stokes Download MarFS: Near-POSIX Access to Object-StorageJeff Inman
Gary Grider
Data Integrity support for Silent Data Corruption in Gfarm File SystemOsamu Tatebe Download
Optimizing Every Operation in a Write-optimized File SystemRob Johnson Download Hardware Based Compression in Ceph OSD with BTRFSWeigang Li
Tushar Gohad
Efficient Data Tiering in GlusterFSRafi KC Download
Multi-Chance Scalable ARC (Adaptive Replacement Cache)Shailendra Tripathi Download    





Green Storage
Using SPEC SFS with the SNIA Emerald Program for EPA Energy Star Data Center Storage ProgramVernon Miller
Nick Principe
Environmental Conditions and Disk Reliability in Free-cooled DatacentersIoannis Manousakis Download  





The Curse of Areal DensityRalph Weber Download Characterizing the Evolution of Disk Attributes via Absorbing Markov ChainsRachel Traylor Download  





Standards for Improving SSD Performance and EnduranceBill Martin 
Open Storage Platform Delivers Hyper-scale Benefits for the EnterpriseEric Slack Download Software-Defined Flash: Tradeoffs of FTL, Open-Channel, and Cooperative Flash ManagementCraig Robertson Download

Keynote Speakers/General Sessions
Future of Datacenter StorageCarol Wilder
Niels Reimers
Hyperscaler StorageMark Carlson Download Scalable High Performance Flash SystemsJeff Bonwick Download
The Magnetic Hard Disk Drive Today’s Technical Status and Its FutureEdward Grochowski
Peter Goglia
MarFS: A Scalable Near-POSIX File System over Cloud Objects for HPC Cool StorageGary Grider Download Overview of Swordfish: Scalable Storage ManagementRichelle Ahlvers Download
Application Access to Persistent Memory – The State of the Nation(s)!Stephen Bates Download    





NVMe over Fabrics
NVMe over Fabrics - High Performance Flash moves to EthernetRob Davis
Idan Burstein
NVMe Over Fabrics Support in LinuxChristoph Hellwig
Sagi Grimberg





Object Storage
Cutting the Cord: Why We Took the File System Out of Our Storage NodesManish Motwani Download New Fresh Open Source Object StorageJean-Francois Smigielski Download Dynamic Object RoutingBalaji Ganesan
Bharat Boddu
Storage Solutions for Private Cloud, Object Storage Implementation on Private Cloud, MAS/ACSAli Turkoglu
Mallikarjun Chadalapaka
Heterogeneous Architectures for Implementation of High-capacity Hyper-converged Storage DevicesMichaela Blott
Endric Schubert
Object Storage Analytics : Leveraging Cognitive Computing For Deriving Insights And RelationshipsPushkar Thorat Download





Optimizing Workload Performance in Virtualized EnvironmentGaurav Gupta
Anurag Mehrotra
IOPS: Changing NeedsJim Handy
Thomas Coughlin
Bridging the Gap Between NVMe SSD Performance and Scale Out SoftwareAnjaneya Chagam
Swaroop Dutta
Murali Rajaopal
Ceph Performance Benchmarking with CBTLogan Blyth Download SPDK - Building Blocks for Scalable, High Performance Storage ApplicationsBenjamin Walker Download Introducing the EDA Workload for the SPEC SFS® BenchmarkNick Principe
Jignesh Bhadaliya
Reducing Replication Bandwidth for Distributed Document-oriented DatabasesSudipta Sengupta Download Performance Analysis of the Peer Fusion File System (PFFS)Richard Levy Download Data Center Workload AnalysisPeter Murray Download



Persistent Memory
In-memory Persistence: Opportunities and ChallengesDhruva Chakrabarti Download Enabling Remote Access to Persistent Memory on an IO Subsystem Using NVM Express and RDMAStephen Bates Download Object Drives: Simplifying the Storage StackMark Carlson Download
Challenges with Persistent Memory in Distributed Storage SystemsDan Lambright Download Building on The NVM Programming Model – A Windows ImplementationPaul Luse
Chandra Kumar Konamki
Breaking Barriers: Making Adoption of Persistent Memory EasierAndy Rudoff Download
Enterprise Storage RAS Augmented by Native Intel Platform Storage ExtensionsTanveer Alam Download RDMA Verbs Extensions for Persistency and ConsistencyIdan Burstein Download Low Latency Remote Storage: A Full-stack ViewTom Talpey Download
RDMA Extensions for Accelerating Remote PMEM Access - HW and SW Considerations, Architecture, and Programming ModelsChet Douglas Download Persistent Memory Panel: PM RDMA – What’s the Big Deal?Moderator: Doug Voigt

Panelists: Tom Talpey
Idan Burstein
Chet Douglas

The SNIA NVM Programming ModelDoug Voigt Download
Persistent Memory Quick Start Programming TutorialAndy Rudoff Download Accelerating Flash Storage with Open Source RDMAIdan Burstein
Rob Davis





Professional Development
How Agile is Game Changer in Storage Development and Best Practices to Transform from Traditional Model to Agile ModelSaurabh Bhatia Download    







On-demand Authentication Infrastructure for Test and DevelopmentAndrew Leonard Download Storage Security Evolution and Advancements in NVMe InteractionsDr. Jorge Campello
Thomas Bowen
When Will Self-Encrypting Drives Predominate?Tom Coughlin
Walt Hubis
Active Directory Client Scaling ChallengesMarc VanHeyningen Download Multi-vendor Key Management – Does It Actually Work?Tim Hudson Download
Implementing Stored-Data EncryptionMichael Willett Download





SMB3.1.1 and Beyond in the Linux Kernel: Providing Optimal File Access to Windows, Mac, Samba and Other File ServersSteven French Download SMB3 and Linux - A Seamless File Sharing ProtocolJeremy Allison Download Improving DCERPC SecurityStefan Metzmacher Download
SMB3 in Samba – Multi-Channel and BeyondMichael Adam Download Clustered Samba Challenges and DirectionsVolker Lendecke Download SMB Server: Kernel versus User Space LearningsOleg Kravtsov Download
Sailing in Uncharted Waters. A Story of Implementing Apple MacOS X Extensions for SMB2 in EMC Isilon OneFS ServerSumaithri Mukkamalla
Rafal Szczesniak
Building a Highly Scalable and Performant SMB Protocol ServerSunu Engineer Download Samba and NFS IntegrationSteven French Download
Panel Discussion of SMB3 POSIX Protocol ExtensionsSteven French
Jeremy Allison
Cephalopods and Samba?Ira Cooper Download  



The Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) Revolution – Data Management Techniques ExaminedTom Coughlin Download ZBC/ZAC Support in LinuxDamien Le Moal Download ZDM: Using an STL for Zoned Media on LinuxShaun Tancheff Download
NVMe – Awakening a New Titan... Deployment, Ecosystem and Market SizeShaun Walsh Download    



Solid State Storage
NVMe virtualization ideas for Virtual Machines on CloudSangeeth Keeriyadath Download Accelerating OLTP performance with NVMe SSDsVeronica Lagrange
Changho Choi
Vijay Balakrishnan
An Examination of Storage WorkloadsEden Kim Download
Analysis of SSD health and Prediction of SSD lifeDr. M. K. Jibbe
Bernard Chan
Breaking Through Performance and Scale Out Barriers - A Storage Solution for Today's Hot Scale Out ApplicationsBob Hansen Download  



Storage Architecture
An Enhanced I/O Model for Modern Storage DevicesMartin Petersen Download Corporate/Open Source Community Relationships: The OpenZFS ExampleMichael Dexter Download
Your Cache is Overdue a Revolution: MRCs for Cache Performance and IsolationIrfan Ahmad Download

Snapshotting Scale-out Storage Pitfalls and SolutionsAlex Aizman Download
storhaug: High-Availability Storage for LinuxJose Rivera Download Beyond the Cloud: Space-based Data StorageScott Sobhani Download





Storage Management
What Can One Billion Hours of Spinning Hard Drives Tell Us?Gleb Budman Download Managing Data by ObjectivesDouglas Fallstrom Download The Data Feedback Loop: Using Big Data to Enhance Data StorageShannon Loomis Download
Hyper-V Windows Server 2016 Storage QoS and Protocol UpdatesMatt Kurjanowicz
Adam Burch
Time to Say Good Bye to Storage Management with Unified Namespace, Write Once and Reuse Everywhere ParadigmAnjaneya Chagam Download Swordfish Deep-dive: Scalable Storage ManagementRichelle Ahlvers Download
Introduction and Overview of RedfishPatrick Boyd
Richelle Ahlvers





Storage Networking
Performance Implications Libiscsi RDMA SupportRoy Shterman
Sagi Grimberg
Shlomo Greenberg, PhD
iSER as Accelerator for Software Defined StorageRahul Fiske
Subhojit Roy

SAS: Today’s Fast and Flexible Storage FabricCameron Brett Download





Uncovering Distributed Storage System Bugs in Testing (not in Production!)Shaz Qadeer
Cheng Huang
Assuring Quality When Objects and Files ConvergeJulian Cachua Fruchier
Ariday Balderas Alba