2009 Storage Developer Conference Presentations



Best of FAST
CA-NFS: A Congestion-Aware Network File SystemDr. Alexandros Batsakis Download (730 Kb) Generating Realistic Impressions for File-System BenchmarkingNitin Agrawal Download (895 Kb)      







Cloud Seeding: Some Practical Methods for Moving Data Between the Enterprise and the CloudDr. Gradimir Starovic
Chris Dunder
Download (484 Kb )
A Simple and Scalable Virtualization PlatformAnil Gurumurthy
Leonid Grossman
Download (629 Kb )
Managing Storage of Virtual Machines with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SC-VMM)Madhu Jujare Download (1.12 Mb ) Building a Storage Service in a Private CloudSajjad H Khazipura Download (672 Kb )  





ReDocumenting Historic CIFS Christopher Hertel Download (3.50 Mb) How to Squeeze >700MB/Sec Out of SMB1, Why SMB2? Volker Lendecke Download (91.9 Kb) CIFS Acceleration Techniques Mark Rabinovich Igor Gokhman Download (1.19 Mb) BranchCache: Next Generation Branch Office Optimizations Ravi Rao Molly Brown Download (2.87 Mb) Technical Deep Dive of the Likewise SMB ServerGerald Carter (867 Kb)
Developing Scalable and Portable CIFS Server Mark RabinovichDownload (197 Kb) Samba ARMed and Ready: Running an AD DC on 2 Watts Kai Blin Download (160 Kb) Understanding Windows File System TransactionsChristian Allred Download (107 Kb) SMB v2.1David Kruse Download (304 Kb) SMB2 Model Based TestingNico Kicillof
Albert Lee
Download (490 Kb)
File Server Capacity Tool (FSCT) for CIFS/SMB/SMB2Jose Barreto Bartosz Nyczkowski Jian Yan Download (845 Kb) Building a Clustered NAS SystemDr. Gradimir Starovic Download (438 Kb) DFS-N Overview and ScalabilityMarcello Hasegawa Saad Ansari Jose Barreto Download (818 Kb) SMB/CIFS Access Control and Identity Mapping in OpenSolarisAlan Wright
Afshin Salek
Download (256 Kb)
Permissions Mapping Between CIFS ACLs, NFSv4 ACLs and POSIX Mode Bits in Isilon's OneFS File SystemZack Kirsch Steven Danneman Download (278 Kb)





Data Management
Using Data Classification to Manage File ServersAdi Oltean Download (1.17 Mb) Long Term Information Retention FormatDr. Sam Fineberg Download (392 Kb) Real World Experiences Converting to XAMKevin Crook Download (268 Kb) Effective Storage Tiering for Databases Murthy Mamidi
Raghu Malige
Download (586 Kb)





Storage Security Using Cryptographic SplittingDavid Dodgson Download (215 Kb) Microsoft Network Monitor 3 (NM3)Paul Long Download (815 Kb)      





File Systems
Reliable Locking for Clustered NFS ServersBrad Boyer Paul Massiglia Download (516 Kb) NFS on the Fast Track - Fine Tuning and FuturesBikash Roy Choudhury Download (256 Kb) pNFS: Blending Performance and ManageabilityLisa Week Piyush Shivam Download (584 Kb)    





iSCSIsimDavid Cuddihy Download (296 Kb) iSCSI Testing: What are the Test Challenges Under the Hood of a 10 Gb iSCSI Storage Product Certification?Dr. M. K Jibbe Download (806 Kb)      





Keynote/Featured Speakers
Toward Universal Access to All KnowledgeBrewster Kahle Download (5.92 Mb) Cloud Storage with Parallel File SystemsGarth Gibson Download (7.75 Mb) Hadoop File System Architecture and its Usage at FacebookDhruba Borthakur Download (743 Kb) Innovative Solid State Storage ArchitectureMichael Cornwell Download (4.08 Mb) The Future of Filesystems and Storage - A Linux PerspectiveTheodore Ts'o Download (4.32 Mb)
Mission Critical Storage and Data Protection in the Financial Services IndustryGreg Donnells Download (227 Kb) Opening Proprietary Protocols to Achieve InteroperabilityJim Pinkerton Download Pending Panel Discussion: Cloud Storage – Silver Lining or Lead Balloon?Moderator:
Wayne Adams

Erik Riedel
Vincent Franceschini
Lew Tucker
Others TBD
Download (103 Kb)





DMTF Profiles for StorageJohn Crandall Download (563 Kb)        





Open Source
Orchestrating Open Source Components for Home SANsAbhinav Jawadekar Download (804 Kb) Integrated Open Source & Proprietary Storage SolutionsVivek Srinivasa Download (479 Kb)      





IO Performance Improvement in a Virtualized EnvironmentMasroor VP Anil Gurumurthy Download (116 Kb)        





Professional Development
Building Trust within the TeamDavid Deming Download (2.42 Mb) Global Team Management Best PracticesAbhinav Jawadekar Tom Hickman Download (552 Kb)      





Status Report on Storage Security Key Management Interoperability Protocol - A Storage Developer’s Approach to the StandardGordon Arnold Download (778 Kb) TCG - Trusted Peripheral Simulator for Data-At-RestSajjad H Khazipura Download (152 Kb) Host Based Storage Security - Providing Advanced Storage Security for Virtualization-based Dynamic Infrastructure EnvironmentsSudhir Rao
Larry Hofer
Download (881 Kb)
Self-Encrypting Hard Drives: From Laptops to the Data CenterJason Cox Download (1.50 Mb)  





Solid State Storage
Getting the Most Out of SSDs - IT System Optimization Best PracticesMike Chenery Download (388 Kb) Differentiated Storage ServicesBrian McKean
Michael Mesnier
Download (333 Kb)
Methodologies for Calculating SSD Useable LifeGary Drossel Download (1.16 Mb) From 512 to 4K: a case study in supporting large sector size SSDs in SolarisBo Zhou Download (257 Kb)  





Storage Management
Thin Provisioning and Reclamation of Unused StorageKirubakaran Kaliannan
Anirban Mukherjee
Download (276 Kb)
SMI-S Recipe InterpreterLiu Jun Feng Download (175 Kb) Challenges in SMI-S Provider DevelopmentGovindan Nampoothiri
Girija Kasinadhuni
Download (465 Kb)
Microsoft Storage Management UpdateMohamed Lawindi
Michael Brasher
Download (222 Kb)





Tutorials: Emerging Technologies
ZFS Basic and AdvancedJeff Bonwick Bill Moore Download (1.04 Mb) ZFS What's NewJeff Bonwick Bill Moore Download (604 Kb) Linux Ext4 Filesystem Theodore Ts'o Download (411 Kb) Introducing the New Cloud Data Management Interface Mark Carlson Download (4.35 Mb) Green Storage Products: Efficiency with ENERGY STAR and BeyondErik Riedel Download (1.24 Mb)
Green Storage in the Data CenterSW WorthDownload (2.67 Mb)        





Tutorials: Standards to Solutions
FCoE Technology UpdateDavid Peterson Download (365 Kb) FCoE - From Hype to RealityFrederick Knight Download (572 Kb) NFSv4.1 and BeyondSpencer Shepler
Michael Eisler
Download (213 Kb)
Digital Storage for Professional Media and EntertainmentThomas Coughlin Download (2.38 Mb) Impact of SSDs on IT StrategiesDenis Vilfort Download (10.6 Mb )
XAM: The New Standard for Data ManagementMark Carlson Download (2.79 Mb)        





Windows 7
ATA Trim/Delete Notification Support in Windows 7Neal Christiansen Download (2.10 Mb)        





Backup Presentations
New Test Challenges on FCoEChris Cicchetti Download (1.28 Mb) "Greening" Storage Through I/O VirtualizationRichard Solomon Download (2.31 Mb) SAN Simulation Ramani Routray Download (552 Kb) Caching SMB Data for Offline Access and an Improved Online ExperienceMolly Brown Download (227 Kb) Do Virtualization and SSD Prove Advantageous for Storage Products with High Speed Interfaces in a SAN Environment?Dr. M. K Jibbe Download (637 Kb)